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Date: January 5th, 2021


These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge.

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Note-taker: relay, et al.

Moderators: n/a


Pyconaut- He him - Up in tahoe, went skiing twice so far, we need more snow, doing rain dances TJ - he/him chillin (but it's like 60 high over here) Relay- been trying too connect two cameras to a rasberry pi 4, connecting to it over ssh, and yada yada, cool project for book scanner, lot of power problems, hopefully will run on cheaper hardware. Evil Dan of moisebridge- Im here to hack that is all Dee- learning about bash Carl- So uh, Ive foolishing tried to install retropi on a rasperry pi by compiling it directly, instead of on a SSD card, ended up taking overnight.

Book scanner is now a sith lord, and needs unlimited power

Short announcements and events[edit]

60-second description per item in bulletpoint.

Pyconaut- Noisebridge is physically closed, stay home and join noisebridge in the virtual.

Dan- We will open for build out very soon, and are currently looking for volunteers to help with noisebridge 3.0

Pyconaut- VRchat is still having Virtual Market 5, it is the largest event hosted in VR. Hope to have noisebridge be a part of it next time.

Dan-, has talks from recent rC3 event, on a new server, for hosting free and open source content, can be for curated content. But should be keeps nice and stable. Has a fast connection. Somewhat of a scratch server, stuff can go poof. From letbox, fast but not stable.



buildout check in safety check in

Discussion Item 1[edit]

Buildout check in

Pyconaut- We need our building bluerints

Dan- The landlord might have some blueprints we can use in the meantime, but we probibly need offical blueprints for our permit work.

Pyconaut- Talked with an ADA knowledgable friend and we might not need to modify second floor bathroom to meet full ADA, even if we make Second floor ADA accessable

Dan- Has taken some measurments of doors and windows for possible ventalation. Checked for any leaks from skylights or windows. There is a lot more work to do.

Relay- What is order of operations for the math problem that is noisebridge 3.0

Dan-Getting knowlegeable volunteers, but they need to be kept safe for the work they do. We need to come up with better safety training. We currently would have a problem with meeting all of the city guidlines.

Relay- What about gate system

Pyconaut- Bike shed (new access system) progress is

Pyconnaut- First buildout project is Ventalation, as all other construction will require good ventalation

Dan- City requires us to post a sign about our ventalation type, this will be importaint for making sure city inspectors, and builders.

Dan- When we do construction we will have to have a HASP that is very specific for how we are doing stuuff, including asking questions to our workers every day to check their health, and minimise risk.

Pyconaut-a recent hasp document for SF Relay- page 12 seems interesting

other useful links

Buildout Idea Time-

Dan- Come up with ideas people

Dan- Giant flashen wall fundraiser, where each person sponsors one or more bottles and decides how it controls.

Pyconaut- Yes, please go for it, there was a similar idea

Relay- Make a half floor, on the first floor as it is tall enough.

Pyconaut- great idea, there is worry of fire safety for the lower space. We can get shippping containers.

Dan- Back side of space?

Relay- A obzservatory robotic telescope on the roof with streaming to a web page and remote controls

Pyconaut- Multistory front deck

Pyconaut- Radio antennas on roof

pyconaut- Servers for building Heating and water heating

Relay: LoRa network hub

Dan: Holy shit. The simulation has run all the way into 2021. Now what? Well, anyway … This is to be the year of teh Knowledgeable Volunteer!

   WHO: I dunno … maybe you ?
   WHAT: Help build Noisebridge 3.0: A Cyberpunk Utopia
   HOW: Next-level excellence.
   WHY: For the lulz!  And great justice.
   WHEN: Make your time!  ASAP and all day erryday until it is Done.  Check Tuesday meetings to get with The Program.
   WHERE: Virtually 1 and (eventually) physically in the new space.

Relay- low level apocolypse proofing

   Better air filtration for fire season
   Backup power system
   Energy storage
   thermal battery
   EMP resistance for our servers
   Faraday cage
   Faraday cage area for privacy

   Solar panels on the roof
   water cool our servers or use the server heat to heat the building
   Solar punk the new noisebridge

Discussion Item 2[edit]

safety check in noisebridge is closed due to Covid, it is being checked on every few days for any changes.

New more contageous covid strain is now in California as well (mostly LA area). Stay safe people.

Discussion item 3[edit]


   Dan- Developing the noisebridge brand
   money only goes so far, what does noisebridge mean for the world
   what amazing things can we do as a community and share with thhe world.

Relay- A meuseum of demos like what the exploritorium has

Pyconaut- we could have a remote / satalite mini elploritorium, and have an exthange with them.

Dan- Noisebridge is inviting and how do we keep that. How do we keep radical inclusiviness. Noisebridge is not exclusive. Noisebridge is special, how do we let others on our wavelength know about us.

Pyconaut- We should reach out to more local non profits to collaberate, and to educational non profits to let thhem know they cn use our space as long as they follow our one rule.

Relay: maybe set up the vending machine to dispense raspberry pis and pi zeros and resistors etc

Pyconaut: we used to do that and had it for the original launch of the rasbperry pi 0 and sold a full shipment out in 2 days.

Pyconaut: I neeed to do more things for our outreach dan: sucha as?

Pyconaut- Reaching out to for money donations, item donations, tours for schools, host events/classes, concerts, hack comedy, hackathons, different outside events and allow us to present at GDC and maker faire, etc. We did this before.

Dan: how about how can we get more people to show up at meetings. Many don't know that we exist. What can we do for artists and technoligists that are economically impacted by the pandemic? Maybe we can do technical training. how to repair things. often the missing links are "framing". We could build frames for paintings. we can probably do framing cheaper than others. etc

Relay: host a concert over zoom or jitsi maybe

Pyconaut - it is hard, but doable

Getting the word out about noisebridge is important. We mostly spread it at Maker Faire, and maybe burning man

Dan- How do we get the best of burning man experience, that match well with noisebridge.

Pyconaut book tours should happen at noisebridge

Pyconaut: city college is a mess right now. they are learning how to build a better gun to shoot their feet off.

Dan- How do we utilise the pipeline between CCSf and Noisebridge

Pyconaut- we need to let them know we exist

Relay- What about SF public library maker lab space

Pyconaut- they seem hard to work with from my intereactions with them, also most of the people in their programs are to young. If they added a high school program that might have changed.

Dan- There are a lot of schools in the bay area we can reach out to.

Dan- How do we retain exelent people.

Dan- There are also a lot of older hobbiests and makers who are always looking for space to work on their stuff out of. How do we outreach to that crowd.

Dan- Only reaching youngins could be bad if we dont offset it with older people who have experience, and much more time.

Relay- We can figure it out, and find those people, but we need to watch out for the detriments to the space.

Dan- Get a good balance of stupid to smart, but it is very easy for stupid to take over.

Relay- Noisebridge is also somewhat of a social club, it is almoast a Lodge, that is quite unique in this era,

Carl- Independent order of hackerspaces.

Relay- Long Range RFID stuff

Pyconaut- we could make a pop up that teaches people about the dangers of long range RFID by showing it. Also reminds me of a pop up last year down town.

End of Meeting[edit]