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These are the notes from the The 691th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 2022_08_23

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Note-takers: Mark W, ???

Moderators: Sophia

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Meeting Summary[edit]


TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Fundraising Update
  • Announcements:
  • Finances:
  • New members:
  • New philanthropists:
  • Consensus Items:
  • Discussion Items:


Hungrybogart - he/him - hacks on a little bit of everything Mark binger - he/him - first time since the new location, been 3y, started a group called AI in SV, shut it down during pandemic, looking for places to do it. having a meeting here!

Seth - he/him. Coming back and visiting in the new space post-covid.

Chloe - she/her. FIrst time here, curious about what Noisebridge.

Cloud - she/her.

Matt - he/him. Here to do hardware and software projects

Shabbam. he/him High schooler, coming to NB n Sunday to find out about bringing HD kids to NB


Mark W (Arity) - I do videogames stuff and Guilds stuff at noisebidge

TJ 0 should talk with Mark Bünger

Blue + she/her.

Paul + new to SF, interested in makerspace, read about NB and decided to log in

gwen seek coaches for repair of tangible physical consumer items on sundays.


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

Don't be a jerk.

A lot of people at NB may be neurodivergent so it is good to be nice to ppl and not bring unnecessary drama.

Create the version of noisebridge that you would be most happy existing within!

(What does that mean? Everyone is expected to follow the Anti-Harassment Policy, please familiarize yourself with it.) TWO MINUTES MAX

Short announcements and events[edit]

Mark B -- wants to do a thing called creative AI. writing jokes, music, playing video games, etc. started in 2016/2018. super rudimentary compared to what's going on now. last 3-6 months have been exploding. I used to come to NB for stuff like this. Like an hour or two a month. Work it around other events etc. Proposed this on the discord.

Mark W - is happening on Saturday Sept 10th. Indie game people. Creative artist types showing off their work. I can give discounted tickets using the code "BAD22"

Shabbham Patil - Thinking of hosting a hackathon for high schoolers at noisebridge. gateway into coding. nb would be great for this. cross collaboration etc. coming to the space on sunday to figure out where it would be. can't figure out how to post it on meetup.


  • What are guilds - briefly describe (much like the previous section on "Excellence")

Guilds are interest groups. They help maintain things. Its a lot of work, and we want to have some structured focused stuff!

  • Do any guilds have any announcements they'd like to make?

Games guild is doing jam camp starting early september! See pinned message in #games channel in discord.

people who came to Sunday Streets were intersed in 3D printing class. We are thinking of doing one! 7pm 1 week from Thurs (September 1)

New Members/Associate Members[edit]

What are they? Is anyone trying to become a Member or Associate Member? If not move on. No long discussions.

Noisebridge's governing structure is by consensus. Most small things you want to do, you can just do them. Slightly larger things, its generally considered excellent to ask people around you for their blessing. This is "small c consensus". Big C Consensus is for larger more impactful changes to the space and its community.

There are 2 tiers of paid membership: associate member and "Big M" full Member. only Big M Members get to participate in Big C Consensus. both associates and full members get 24 hour access to the space, but also take on more responsibility, generally.

Associate membership is a sponsorship away! Big M Membership is a 4 weeks process of coming to meetings and getting another sponsor! Fill out a form today! Membership is a great way to donate to the space!

Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

not much change in terms of savings. $400 was stolen by force from the donations box; it was damaged in the process weekly donations update:

we got a big donation in crypto which allowed us to survive covid currently donations are not enough to cover rent, so we are losing money


Spending Needs[edit]

Gotta spend money on XYZ (i.e. Gate, wiring etc.). WHO CAN SIGN THE CHECK OR LEND THE CREDIT CARD!?!?! It doesn't matter if we agree to do something and it can’t be paid for.

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going Sunday Streets was this sunday, we probably talked to about 300 people but im hopeful 3 people will become members


Big C Consensus Items[edit]

Nobody likes 3 hour meetings, only explain if people ask

Consensus Items [edit]

Only for talking about Big C consensus items, small c consensus items should be discussed with people at the space at the time of the change/new item.


Discussion Item 1[edit]

AI in SV

Seems good to go. lol great discussion

Discussion Item 2[edit]

Shabbam high schoolers

November 19th-20th

Are you thinking of staying here overnight?

Shub - Yeah.

Sophia - we should talk about that some more... not sure if okay with that? or if we even have space for that.

mark - we should have some noisebridgers help. I need help helping

Shub - Chris Gervang is helping

mark - okay i will talk with him about it in #events-support

Discussion Item 3[edit]

Potential for more punk shows at NB?

MARK: we need more noisebridgers involved What do we need in terms of people power? What ground rules do we need to lay? How do we enforce them?

SOPHIA: Have you checked with Slack folks concerned about this?

TJ: One of the biggest issues was lack of cleanup. Maybe we need a cleanup force the morning after? I think it's unreasonable to expect people to clean up after that heavy of a show like a straight concert. Hack Comedy can do it because its everyone sitting down and relatively calm. After a long show late at night people are tired. We might need to have a cleanup crew in the morning.

MARK: We may need someone standing outside making sure attendees aren't making trouble in the vicinity. We need a bouncer.

SOPHIA: Are they going to be paying for the event?

MARK: Not paid just a noisebridger willing to do it. Otherwise it's not going to happen. If people want something to happen.

LX: I've been talking to people, and they want to do shows at NB

Matt: I'm interested in being a bouncer, but I would want another person to do it with.

People doing graffiti around shows won't stop, even if asked, because they view the neighborhood as their territory

I second the idea of having people out front.

Even if the event is free, there should be an RSVP. The effect of a voluntary donation could help get people to actually show up, if they have paid.

Mark W: it's good to discourage certain behaviors, but we cannot do these events without enforcing appropriate behavior and letting people know the repercussions of bad behavior (calling law enforcement, shuting down future events).

Why are "we hosting the event if they are so much trouble? Because we want to create community. It would be a mistake to shut down everything because of a few bad experiences and bad apples. We need to come up wiht new methodologies for this.

Do-ocratic Task Board[edit]

Participation also means doing stuff to contribute to the space. Propose new tasks or pick some tasks from Github, from what needs to be done around you, or whatever, and see if someone will sign up to work on that task. Anyone can sign up and it's a great way to show you are contributing!

End of Meeting[edit]

Note taker posts the notes[edit]

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  • Edit the Consensus Items History if anything was reached consensus or failed to reach consensus this week.

Fun things to do after[edit]

  • Do a 10 minute cleanup, bring dishes up stairs and wash them, clean the bathroom
  • Have some beers on the patio
  • Prepare the next weeks' meeting notes
  • Lick the walls. Or just draw on them
  • sing the Hackernationale (this almost never happens)