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These are the notes from the The 695th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 2022_10_11

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Note-takers: Mark, Loren

Moderators: Mark, Loren

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Meeting Summary[edit]


TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Fundraising Update: Come up with fundraising ideas! Create events and run them!
  • Announcements: Noisebridge founders meetup next Friday
  • Finances: We have access to the bank account now. Taking care of various bills/paperwork.
  • New members: Mikayla applying, in week 1
  • New philanthropists:none
  • Consensus Items: Passed NoiseTor money consensus item
  • Discussion Items:
   1. Loren is looking into Noisecurtain and getting a price quote
   2. Looking to changing up the meeting format to increase engagement/participation
   3. Project parking tickets - came up with the idea of "parking passes" and working on the format for these and parking tickets in order to encourage usage 


HB - Been around the space or a while - I do hardware hacking and security and stuff Cloud - studying protein syth, dna. talk about bio! Morgan - neurotech on thursdays Loren - I work on maintaining computer infra @ NB and do neurotech Mark - do games stuff Willow - new here. interested in wood/metalworking stuff. I render fractals for fun! Kate - woodworking & electronics Mike - drop in to socialize. looking for co-work project experts JD - one of two woodshop safety and laser instructors, also offer individual welding/metal instruction. Want to get a CNC guild going John - wood art/sculptor. jack of all trades, master of none Lucifer - wasn't aware this was happening, but i was just hangin around. I like hacking electronic things


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other. Anti-Harassment Policy

Be respectful to people, and constructive in your interactions with others Not have a huge ego Excellent diction and pronunciation of words. Being loud and audible is excellent.

The closest to perfection you'll actually get The Four Agreements Using the space in a way that's constructive, and meshes well with other people's use of the space This includes leaving the space cleaner than you found it. It also means resolving conflicts in the most amicable way possible.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Noisebridge founders meetup. 10/21 (next friday) @ 3PM
  • Tuesday:
    • SF Writers workshop
    • NeuroTech(X?)
  • Thursday
    • Neurotech meetup


  • What are guilds - briefly describe (much like the previous section on "Excellence")

Guilds are officialized interest groups. Self-forming, self-regulating groups to run things, use resources

Active guilds: Sewing, music, games, somewhat electronics. Not quite woodshop. Laser. 3D printing. Infra? (Rack)

  • Do any guilds have any announcements they'd like to make?

Infra. GitHub task board has been effective in the past.

New Members/Associate Members[edit]

What are they? Is anyone trying to become a Member or Associate Member? If not move on. No long discussions.

  • Membership - certain priviledges, and certain responsibilities.

Membership appliation: Mikayala. wk1 of review. No one blocks.

"Why do you want to be a member?" Nice space, a 3rd space. Want to get to know the people. "What do you think being a member will allow you to achieve that not being a member won't?" Hmm, it's for me. I'm trying really hard on a project once I find one. Largely symbolic. Want to see more projects like noisebridge. Can come and go when I want

Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

We have access to our bank account now! (And there was much rejoicing. Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy)

We have some amount of money in the bank that serves as a runway, but we need to generate more and get in the green!

$94 from cash boxes this week

"What can we do to support nb?" Run an event, solicit donations Tell people about noisebridge out in the world (e.g. laser class asks $20 donation) Encourage people to pay for use of space, of tools in the space.

Spending Needs[edit]

Gotta spend money on XYZ (i.e. Gate, wiring etc.). WHO CAN SIGN THE CHECK OR LEND THE CREDIT CARD!?!?! It doesn't matter if we agree to do something and it can’t be paid for.

Need to discuss buying curtains to address woodshop noise, v0.

We should buy a projector for the electronics/music room. Suggest LED DLP projector.

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going

Recent events? Hack Comedy. not too recent.

Some ppl are trying to host a Halloween fundraiser on the 24th - see last weeks meeting notes/ check the events calendar. Point of contact? Moof maybe?

Hacking Halloween.

Come up with little fun fundraisers. Let's do them! Thanksgiving is coming up!

Big C Consensus Items[edit]

Nobody likes 3 hour meetings, only explain if people ask.

Consensus Items [edit]

Only for talking about Big C consensus items, small c consensus items should be discussed with people at the space at the time of the change/new item.

Item 1 (Week 2) - Move NoiseTor money to Noisebridge

"This will transfer money from the closed NoiseTor account to Noisebridge's bank account. The amount of money is not known yet, Liz investigating with the former Noisetor owner (Andy?)."

No one blocks.


Discussion Item 1[edit]

spending on noise reduction. welding curtains maybe. Question of basic spending limits.

Alex put together a curtain proposal originally. See "noisecurtain"

Loren realizes he needs to price things out then come back with an estimate.

Asks if there are any objections to a rough upper spending limit of $1000?


Discussion Item 2[edit]

Participation!! Help each other with things. There's a section in the discord, for proejcts. Ask an admin (e.g. Arity) to add a channel for your project)

Purpose of meetings. Point of conflict resolution Announcements

Inducting ppl into the community is definitely a primary purpose

Mark - people come to meetings to go through the motions.

Loren -I generally agree, and think meetings could maybe benefit by being "broken up" somehow"

Mike - look into - "unconference format" contrast with "mosha" (sp) format?

JD - meetings generally flow depending on the moderator and how they are doing their job. That said, I will say, we are doing "something" right. We've been going strong for 15+years now.

Mikayla - having a little ritual to breaking ppl up into parallel groups/meetings is a potentially good thing

Loren wants to poll ppl about purposes of meeting

HB - if i may suggest it, i think some people may not be too interested in finance for example

  • split off finance group
  • confliet resoltuion stuff. many don't want to be involved.

mostly meetings are relaxed and comfortable. But occasionally they arent and go off the rails. x Elan - can we small c consense to do a trial run of a distributed meeting like, as soon as next week

Discussion Item 3[edit]

Parking tickets

Mark - I printed out a bunch of project parking tickets and they are on the clipboard on the front white shelf. Please use them in order to encourage others to label and organize their shit!

John - I have a project that's been hanging around - and maybe want to hang it on the wall?

Mark - just get your name on there and some contact info in case anyone wants to do anything with it

JD - something something contact info is good so everyone has a fair chance to respond to a parking ticket

Mikayla - still I wouldn't be surprised if i left something for a long time and it was gone when i returned to the space

Mark - So I will work on the format of the parking tickets to accomodate/encourage contact

Elan - I had a project with my name on it that disappeared, so it wasn't fully effective, and I agree making an effort to contact ppl is good

Maybe we need a "parking pass" type of thing so ppl are incentivized to provide dates and contact info for their projects

Do-ocratic Task Board[edit]

Participation also means doing stuff to contribute to the space. Propose new tasks or pick some tasks from Github, from what needs to be done around you, or whatever, and see if someone will sign up to work on that task. Anyone can sign up and it's a great way to show you are contributing!

End of Meeting[edit]

Note taker posts the notes[edit]

  • Clean and tidy the meeting notes including removing all these really verbose instructions.
  • Fill out the short summary at the top listing just announcements, consensus items, discussion topics, and names of new members and philanthropists.
  • Copy paste the notes to the next meeting page. (They will become Last meeting at midnight.)
  • Email the meeting summary to Noisebridge Discuss and Noisebridge Announce lists.
  • CC on the email and if there are new members and philanthropists.
  • Edit the Current Consensus Items if anything is proposed for consensus next week.
  • Edit the Consensus Items History if anything was reached consensus or failed to reach consensus this week.

Fun things to do after[edit]

  • Do a 10 minute cleanup, bring dishes up stairs and wash them, clean the bathroom
  • Have some beers on the patio
  • Prepare the next weeks' meeting notes
  • Lick the walls. Or just draw on them
  • sing the Hackernationale (this almost never happens)