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These are the notes from the The 705th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 2022_12_27

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Note-takers: Adriel

Moderators: Mark

NOTE: Consider turning off fridge for the duration of the meeting. It is very loud and sometimes prevents people on video conference from hearing those in the space.

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Meeting Summary[edit]

TLDR Discussion/Announcements:

Adriel - Comments about Digifae show and changes to money side of things: Expenses will come out of total show profit instead of noisebridge cut (my fault og) Noisebridge cut was too low, increase from 20 to 30% with $100 minimum Ticket price simplification: $15 at the door, $14 on eventbrite (fees not absorbed) Alcoholic beverages may be sold, but not advertised on poster. 21+ wristbanding will continue as it was successful the first time. Tours will be given to guests by volunteers ALEX415, MUSICUBES (+potentially more) noisebridge show WHEN: Fri, Feb. 17th, 2023 (ideally, if not, the following day) Doors 6pm, show 7pm WHO: Performances (confirmed) by: Alex415 (30 min DJ set, 15 min live vocal performance) Musicubes (30 mins, set not yet planned) Preliminary (unconfirmed): Aniko Ryan (30 min rap set) Moof__ (closing DJ set, length can vary) Talk to Eric about food & drink sales We need volunteers! If you are down to sell tickets, give tours to arriving guests, set up before the show or clean up after, let us know! Ticket profits split as follows: 25% (or $100, whichever is higher) goes to Noisebridge. Rest is split evenly between performers. Around 20 people showed up for the last show, with a similar turnout Noisebridge gets at least $100 if not more Need to make Wiki page for the show

Adriel wants to bring an amp to the music room temporarily until they need it again

Mark - Just Put a Note on the amp. While you are at it music room should organized and cleaned up to be more class-oriented. Jan 7th guitar pedal meetup is happening, I will reach out to the organizer to ensure more details are easoly findable.

New Members/Associate Members[edit]


Financial Report[edit]

Finance update ! (will try to make it to the online meeting) we’ll try doing a finance update on the previous month on the second week, going forward (now that things are a little more organised) In November, we generated 6,274.53 dollars, but spent 21,341.96. This is due to catching up with our PG&E bills (which appear to not have been paid since we had moved in). however even without that bill, we are far from breaking even and the funds are dwindling fast. Rent alone is at 9548 (and will increase in April). We have ~11.5k of base expenses (and that’s before maintaining equipment, etc) Moreover, many members who had left town have been cancelling their payment recently (given we’re in a recession, I’m guessing) In sewing, we’ve started a fee for sewing 101 class and are stressing that everyone should be contributing proportionally to their abilities, and that we are currently unable to meet expenses - donations have gone way up. The writers workshop plans to organise a fundraising. I still need to look further into improving our savings interest rate (but PG&E nightmare and a rent check that went missing have kept me busy…). I think we should also look into grants for artist-ish workshops, and generally emphasize everywhere and all the time that everyone needs to contribute…

Spending Needs[edit]

Possibly will buy some 3-prong <-> 2 prong electrical adapters

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going

Big C Consensus Items[edit]


Consensus Items [edit]

Only for talking about Big C consensus items, small c consensus items should be discussed with people at the space at the time of the change/new item.

End of Meeting[edit]