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These are the notes from the The 711th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 2023_02_07

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Note-takers: Mark, LX? TJ?

Moderators: Mark


Mark - Moderatin', doing videogames stuff Al - was an architect, went into solar energy, interested in sustainability, permaculture, etc Farley - hosts Free Code Camp on Sundays at 12:30-5:30, come anytime during that window! Sam - I do Unreal Engine dev, happens on Thursday nights! Interested in CNC lately! JD - Lazer trainer, woodshop safety training and advising, working on CNC and Milling Guild development Emeline - Sewing Guild, Treasurer of NB, sewing meetup is Mondays, Wikipedians meetup on Saturday! TJ - I do robotics, and AI meetup on Wednesdays @ 8PM Josh - "Flagella" on Slack, been involved w/ NB since very very early. Awesome Foundation person Justin - work on buncha hardware stuff, help w/ various things Peter - "Vuke" software but been learning Hardware stuff a lot lately too! Jarrod - Architect who likes woodworking! Jordane - been coming around for like a month, software engineer, been going to Free Code Camp! LX - help w/ teaching Gamebridge Wednesdays, help w/ wiki and signage/documentation for NB

Short announcements and events[edit]

JD - 2nd Announcement about Saturday March 4th Deviant Olum security workshop! 3-4 hour event, will be tightly regulated. Sign up if you want to be at Noisebridge on that day!

Farley - rugyoga will be hosting a 3D printing class @ noon on Sundays, starting on the 26th!

Emeline - "We have received the following invite NightLife is our 21+ Thursday night events where we mix science, art, live music, and culture.

We're currently putting together a cyberpunk/futuristic theme for February 23rd and wanted to see if Noisebridge might be interested in being a part of the evening. As of right now, we have planned an Afrofuturism fashion show, a video installation around Asian aesthetics and their use in sci-fi futurist films, as well as a few vendors who will be selling products. We'd love to have you join the program, ideally with an interactive component. Let me know if you're available, interested and if you have any ideas on what you'd like to do."

Mark - Someone is wanting to host a interactive art/theater/game show.


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other.

(What does that mean? Everyone is expected to follow the Anti-Harassment Policy, please familiarize yourself with it.)

excellence is the one rule at Noisebridge. What that means:

   - Like Affirmation of faith thing in churches
   Excellence is being nice to people, not abusing the space, yourself and others, being willing to compromise when conflicts arise, be considerate and not an asshole.

Bad side: unexcellence, aka being a dick. We have tools for mitigating unexcellent situations and de-escalation.

Tools for assisting in unexcellent situations. :

Steps to follow for descalation Safespacebot for anonymous reporting Anti-harrassment policy Ask to disengage (Conflict won't be resolved) Ask to leave (if conflict cannot be shelved temporarily) Mediation (if one is scared to return to noisebridge / uncomfortable with the other person at the space)


  • Guilds are like interest groups at Noisebridge.

They maintain resources and host events and classes! Join a guild, revive a defunct one, or start one if you want!

New Members/Associate Members[edit]

What are they? Is anyone trying to become a Member or Associate Member? If not move on. No long discussions. Commitment to the space Two tiers:

   - Associate : 24 hr access
   - Full Membership : blocks consensus items, 24 hr access

Still are obligated to take care of the space

Applications for membership: None

(Some interest)

Financial Report[edit]

Anarchist societies under a capitalist state need money to survive and thrive, yo.

About $140 in donation box this week, less than average last year. People are starting to come back

Did not lose money last month! Still trying to figure out hurdle ex. getting more ownership of accounts for donations

We just got $1337 from an anonymous donor. No proper process for thanking larger donations. Good increase in donations through CHM + sewing. If you organize a Meetup, just know that we are donation

Huge increase in cash donations / christmas donations at end of year. Tripled when we insisted on donations.

We can get rid of subscriptions, thus lowering costs by $200 a month.

Spending Needs[edit]

Gotta spend money on XYZ (i.e. Gate, wiring etc.). WHO CAN SIGN THE CHECK OR LEND THE CREDIT CARD!?!?! It doesn't matter if we agree to do something and it can’t be paid for.

Mark - We need to buy wood panels and paint to finish the front gate project!

Emeline - Sewing would like to buy a locking cabinet to keep certain supplies from disappearing. We are looking at 100$ for what we were looking at.

Mark - when you're thinking about adding storage options to the space, consider what already exists

Reach out to emeline about getting things for NB using the NB credit card!

Fundraising Update[edit]

How's it all going Opportunity for fundraising for SCAS event (can sell stickers) (no tip jar at academy, so directing people to Noisebridge would be good)

Cool people at Noisebridge, other things will follow

Mini makerfaire at Noisebridge , needs to be a collective noisebridge effort

Does Noisebridge do group projects for raising funds. -> Some ideas, questions for how it is cut

We can discuss in the discussion items

Writer's workshop is hosting a fundraiser on April 6. Posted about on Discord. Have experience with fundraising. Main organizer is donating to Noisebridge

Big C Consensus Items[edit]

Nobody likes 3 hour meetings, only explain if people ask.

Consensus Items [edit]

Only for talking about Big C consensus items, small c consensus items should be discussed with people at the space at the time of the change/new item.

some big-C consensus examples:

   - Removing NoiseTor funds
   - Banning/ un-Membering people
   - Moving


Discussion Item 1[edit]

Farley wants to start a group of members who would be willing to mediate for anonymous noisebridgers who would like to speak up about stuff at noisebridge without needing to worry about negative social dynamics, or retaliation.

Context: People want to approach someone about an issue, but don't want to face retaliation, I would volunteer myself. Would it be good to have a group of folks willing to participate

JLB: I think people should have open direct conversations with eachother and having discussion facilitators like this is the opposite of what we should be doing.

Farley: I agree that open communication is best, but sometimes people don't want to speak up. I don't mean it as a substitute for normal convos people should have, but rather think of it like an extension of the current reporting bot.

JD - I dont think Farley would be bringing this up if there wasnt a need for it. SOME people around here like to throw their weight around and for lack of a better term, "bully".

JLB - Sounds reasonable. I just think that if you can, just talk to them about it without hostility, and maybe they will reciprocate

LX - Always the goal of mediation process: they feel like they can talk to somebody, in whole or in part. There's an informal thing, but possible [to make it formal]. Make it easier:

   1. If you volunteer to mediate, update list of potential mediators. Only a few people elect to mediate, and it causes high burnout. More mediators is better as a good first step. Add yourself to this list!
   2. Excellence and unexcellence. If you want to talk about it with a mediator, I would like to keep things on the wiki / weekly process

There is a list of mediators, have 4 or 5 names, but out of date. Need a more current list

Farley: I will add my name, and anonymous requests for mediation. In response to JLB: Anonymous reporting bot is not solution to every problem, personal problems through anon bot is not realyl anon. Everyone knows who it is. It only works in certain situations with plausible deniability. Only work in edge cases.

JLB: direct communication is the first route, second is mediation (should never be other direction)

Farley: It could be, if fear of retaliation

Mark: Fear of retaliation, knowledge of person's behavior rather than specific interactions. ONe could not be comfortable based on past experiences.

JLB: Best to engage with the person first

Mark: Sometimes it just doesn't work. It is a healthy thing to do.

JLB: I don't want to promote a culture of mediation before escalation

TJ: I think from the discussions before I think there's a side issue of, for example, when people see someone sleeping at the space, someone has maybe posted facetiously about it. Perhaps more direct communication about this kind of stuff is better in instances like this rather than comments online. Community guidelines.

Mark: We have guidelines! Are they still relevant? No one seems to know. We have homework to do! See my post in #general on slack.

Sam: I want to provide space for people whos psychology needs it, but also want to push back against the stuff that allows people to criticize folks anonymously. In our justice system, you have the right to face your accuser!

Peter: I agree with that point. If feels unsafe, that is great use of anonymity. But huge accusation, that should have less

JD: It's a question of is the system. Can you contact mediator, speak to them directly. Mediator could be asked not to share the name, even if mediator is not known.

More mediators = more options.

Emeline - very recent update from Ruth about a past failed mediation, she warned us about a bad mediator.

JD - Should be able to choose mediator

Farley - In my mind, it was obvious that mediator would take responsibility and take an approach to the topic

Sam - could go to a mediator, but mediator could decide what is and isn't worth discussing

Farley - Mediators already have to consent to the process

LX - in response to the comment if there is any training involved? everyone who comes to mediate comes with their own experience and ability, however we do have kind of a guide on the wiki to NVC (nonviolent communication) and restorative communication, which are great tools for mediation.

There is a free class that happens on Monday nights if anyone is interested.

Mark - Our mediation page is a bit wonky. Any chance you can clean it up? LX - Sure. I thought it was already there, will check again

When you offer something and/or ask for something to reaceh a mutual understanding with someone, try to ensure that your offers and asks cover these criteria: Specific: Describe exactly the behavior you want to seee. Measurable: Give discreet amounts or countable things so that meeting the goal is clear. Actionable: Make it something you can physically do. Realistic: Is this a realistic expectation for this person at this time? Timely: Timebox your request. Set a timeframe for it to happen in.

JD : How to do mediation when the reporter is anonymous? It's hard to resolve the issue

LX : Tough question. Maybe this needs to be hammered out with use. Consent needs to be on mediator's part and requester's part. DCould proceed depending on mediation

Mark : Should be accompanied by throaway email to check if situation is resolved.

JD: Could write on the wall

Mark : Conclusion , refer people to wiki. Test post, no one reacted to safe space bot. I feel unheard. Please sign up, I can't be a mediator.

Discussion Item 2[edit]

Solar Project Power Grid

Intro: All things sustainability, specifically regenerative. Began with pipe dream: acquaintance said there was an island that suffered during covid. I said why not take solar panels there, combine with infrastructure to save money on power (small town, low standard of living so money goes a long way). So we started raising funds. But as things were getting hard, he ran out, after three months of paying storage.

So back to the drawing board. Grid solutions giving power to the lower income. Serves power not just on financial need, but because they have something excellent that deserves reward. I want to help people maximize positive impact on ecosystem. I want to vet prospects to see if they deserve solar panels.

JD: How many panels?

About 117, but I could get that every other month. (*Daaaaannggggg*) They last a [very long time]. I need installation though

JLB: I've built 5 kw systems, other electrical stuff

JD : How to do it legal

Yes but it is legal to do off grid

Farley : How much cost / effort

Panels are half price, including labor

JLB: What's our power bill to run this place? I thought $300

Emeline : $300-500 a month. It is commercial / industrial

About 2000 kwH. at 1500 kwH, that's like half the panels

Question: Give panels to Noisebridge and install them

If we raise the funds to give other people panels, then we deserve panels. We need to vet for people who deserve panels (i.e. we give panels to people, then get stuff ourselves).

Farley - Interesting proposal.

How I acquire these? There's a testing facility, I work with them, and they said they'd donate to non-profits

Emeline - update from 210 kwH, 500 kWh upstairs, $230/ month, including space heaters. ONly have data from last month, account was not transferred then. (in the summer)

The deal: lets say there's a program, where someone volunteered or donated money to a family of say, 6, then that person who volunteered would deserve some solar panels. I would like to find a measuring mechanism to measure the impact that Noisebridge makes, and then make an appropriate trade.

Farley: Why do we need to measure? So it can be reported to someone somewhere?

Al: More like so we can just have a formal system and keep track of what we are doing.

LX - sounds kind of like the Awesome foundation in a way...

Josh - So the awesonme foundation is an adhoc group of ppl around the world who give out microgrants with the goal of increasing levels of Awesome around the world, no strings attached.

IDK if we are the best example of how to quantify/measure/group things, but yeah.

So what are you fullfilling for yourself by quantifying a process?

Al - It is part of my business too. Just wanted to share my project and maybe get people involved in it.

Mark - do you have your own infra already or are you asking us to create it under Noisebridge as a Noisebridge project.

Al - If noisebridge volunteers can contribute to the early funding/ work, it would be awesome.

JD - All systems installed by April 15 are on the old system and can't be expanded without being recategorized to the new system. There is a new system: instead of a 1:1 it will by 1:0.6

Sam - I wouldn't discount the value from donate panels.

JLB - What's expected of Noisebridge in return? (Funds?) We will be more helpful in labor rather than fundraising

Mark - Want to take whether running program as nonprofit into consideration. Fiscal sponsorship is something Noisebridge can do. Being an umbrella under Noisebridge is helpful for a new nonprofit, because it takes so long to get payment to the place.

Mark - either create an event for gathering folks, or a meetup.

JLB - Make a ton of money : sell some of them for a profit.

Al: We're giving some of them away, so can't sell them

Emeline: No current experience with kickstarter.

Al: I can find a specific project to apply this to. I'm on Discord, not on Slack

Discussion Item 3[edit]

Expanding NB server infrastructure team

Rely on people who aren't even in country managing our surveys, it's time to pass the torch to local, reliable people. Mostly need enthusiasm to be willing to help. DNS servers / etc. that don't get touched, but failures.

Then there are some servers that are more like experiemtnal projects at NB. We want to establish a team of a few people that is like our server infra team that can be on top of things and ready when necessary. We are recruiting. This is an announcement as such!

TJ: I am currently working as part of the AI guild in seeting up a couple extra computers with GPUs so you can run things like stable diffusion or whatever project of choice. I run it all through Brony. Physical server is like a cloud farm somewhere in LA or somewhere? McInt and Claus have been helping me a lot with some of the server setup there.

I think one of Claus's projects was specifically migrating things to Brony.

Mark: But we want critical stuff to be on our local machines, right?

Sam/TJ: Internet here is not good enough, spotty, lots of reliability issues.

Alex: Goal is to have a torch passable, and held by more than 1 person. This is essentially a guild.

TJ: We are just waiting on some help from the current torchbearers to pass some DNS information d=so we can migrate some stuff from Pegasus to Brony.

LX - what i'm suggesting is constitute a formal server infra guild.

Josh - what happened to the mailing lists from the olden days?

TJ: Current pattern/environment is a bit rigid, but not conducive to the actual situation here which is one of a revolving coor/rotating cast of characters who actually try to take care of things. Current keyholders and basically holding a lot of stuff back, acting as formal sysadmins. Except they are nigh unreachable on the reg.

LX - I think thats why we formalize it as kind of a guild so its not a personality between indivuals thing and makes it more of a group decision-making process.

Mark - perhaps a regular remote meeting about infra would be good. Invite the admins to it.

Discussion Item 4[edit]

Up to $150 for CNC mill bits

Now that we have a locker, we want to populate it with bits! Asking for NB money or at least matching funds!

We just all small c consensed on it.

Discussion Item 5[edit]

Barbot Let's dicuss this now : What are the issues with barbot

Point 1: Blocking electrical panel, it needs to move We shall move it. Issue solved. Planning on moving Saturday

Point 2: Emeline- Insurance. This is a potential 50k$ fine. According to CA law you cannot serve alcohol in any public space where anyone can walk in without proper permit. JD: Can't just be "oh we have a certified server". Also need a liquor license. Em - we can only get 12 day licenses a year, its $50, but we'd need our landlord's consent anyway, and then go to the police with our application , which is unlikely to happen... Justin - so are we not allowed to have beer in the fridge either? Em - not supposed Jarrod - I dont think em is advocating for removaing alcohol from NB, however this particular machine is an egregious violation and thus is susceptible to issues much moreso.

Justin - if we make it more discrete, will that be a resolution to the issue? Em - there is a tampering issue. Can we prevent tampering? Peter - for insurance purposes, if it was in a locked container with only 21+ Members who have a key, is that fine? Em - Events with a guest list are acceptable. if Members who are 21+ who have a lock are the only ones w/ access, it may be feasible.

Summary of last 10 minutes of discussion: we are hiding barbot for now, "locking" it away from the public while we continue to discuss what can feasibly be done with it.

Discussion Item 5.5[edit]

Mini Maker Faire

Let's continue discussion about this event online or later next meeting!

End of Meeting[edit]