Meeting Notes 2023 02 14

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These are the notes from the The 712th Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 02 14 2023

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Note-takers: Vuke

Moderators: Vuke

Meeting Summary[edit]



== Discussion Item 1 == Mark - Discretionary money Consensed in 2018 about a committee to manage money, everyone has both the petty cash fund and the ability to ask the treasurer to fund a project however it is unclear what the "rules" and or "limits" that are set. Some are saying there is no consensus on this and others are saying anything over 100$ needs a consensus in theory.

The main question here is do we need to consensus on a formal guideline for this? (There is no documentation for rules/process anywhere.) (There is however a log for the cash box which stays accurate.)

Petty cash- Cash on hand (do we need a certain amount each week that needs to be there) discretionary fund (for useful things for noisebridge)

Talking about having receipts for projects and also when requesting money adding a new discord channel that handles tickets for these requests. This would provide a written record of where and how finances are being spent.

== Discussion Item 2 == Mark - Selling things in noisebridge that are not useful to Noisebridge. Possible collective ebay account to sell items that we do not use. Talk about a possible lock box for items being sold to ebay in order to prevent the chance of someone posting an item and it being stolen or "relocated" before the sale went through. (Possible remaking the "sell by" bin, aka the purge bin that anything in that area would be sold in 2 weeks or what the ticket said) Start by putting labels with dates on items that are possible to be sold and or thrown away.

== Discussion Item 3 == Bar bot discussion possibly becoming a virgin bar bot (worried about disgruntled former users making an issue of it.) (sf decriminalized psychedelics (including thc), sfpd put the lowest resources towards this issue so possible discussion about a new bot)

== Discussion Item 4 == arrangement of noisebridge "Hey everyone we rearranged some shit at noisebridge do you fuck with it"

"yes" -everyone

Mark- moral of this discussion dont be afraid to rearrange things at noisebridge if you think it has a benefit to everyone. we worked as a big group to agree on it and it was a consensus

End of Meeting[edit]