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Date: 2023_12_12

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Note-takers: Mark, Loren

Moderators: Mark

Meeting Summary:

  • Announcements: TOOOL - Dec 17th (this sunday!) 6-8 PM

contact Quinn_78054 on discord if you'd like to be a "Karl's Angel" (model citizen for an art project)

  • Consensus Items: None
  • Discussion Items:
    • SwiftUI users group looking to host meetup on Jan. 11th. Planning in progress
    • John's use of power tools - working with JD on good woodshop protocol and going forward with restricted power tool use
    • Omni Commons is looking for a $900k loan to help refinance their building
    • Events need better planning/more detailed announcements. We should encaourage event host to be better.


  • Ask people to share their name, access needs, and preferred gender pronouns what they do at noisebridge

Mark - Moderatin Brandon - Hangin out with not much voice working JD - is here as well Romy - everyone knows her from SudoRoom / omni commons and Noisebridge regular Moof - here for a proposal from the music room ppl about the open mic event Bed Cloud - Loren - here. infrastructure meetup on mondays and wiki things. talk to me about getting a wiki account Quinn - helping out plan NB15 Julie - training is in finance, but working on building a makeup robot Vivek - electronics and hardware background, building sensor networks and iot stuff

Short announcements and events[edit]

Quinn Would like to start a thing called "Karl's Angels" (named for Karl the Fog)- showing peoples' beauty. Fashion production and expos-ey s or profiles on people, about what they love about the city and culture. Its an art project!

TOOOL - Dec 17th (this sunday!) 6-8 PM


Our One Rule is to Be Excellent to Each Other. (Give a quick, 1-3 sentence summary.)

What does that mean? Please see our page on excellence!

Excellence means trying to improve yourself and being the best you you can be. Also has to do with recofgnizing other people and their feelings, needs, desires, sensisitivities. Don't just be a bowl in a china shop. Care about others!

Anti-Harassment Policy & Community Standards of Excellence[edit]

Noisebridge has an Anti-Harassment Policy Everyone is expected to follow the Anti-Harassment Policy, please familiarize yourself with it.) Don't touch it! More approachable & specific guidelines, is one way to quickly raise issues which will be seen by people in Slack.

Brief Kudos[edit]

Recent examples of excellent behavior, say 3, unless the passion moves you.

Romy: I salute anyone who is a policy and meeting nerd. This stuff is hard!

Mark: Kudos to Sam for working on!

Big C Consensus Items[edit]

Nobody likes 3 hour meetings, only explain if new people are present.

Consensus Items [edit]

Only for talking about Big C consensus items, small c consensus items should be discussed with people at the space at the time of the change/new item or can be reserved for the discussion section of the meeting.

Discussion Items[edit]

It is recommended to post items for discussion ahead of time at (Check that the template for the meeting is in place already, and that last week's notes have been moved to the wiki, of course)

Item prompts should follow the format: From/Raised by: [your name here] Seeking [decision/outcome/advice/something else] On topic: [topic]

Discussion Item 1[edit]

From/Raised by: Romy ilano / miromi Swift Language User Group / Cocoaheads (Open source programming language) - Sam G member said he would help sponsor this meetup - They're currently looking for Noisebridge as a potential venue on :

   -  11th of January  (sounds like it's confirmed after speaking to Sam G and Brennan on Slack)
   - and the 8th of February

I come as an ambassador for the meetup and would like to help get the meetup setup and going!

Let's lookup on meetup if there is any conflicting event(s) that day.

Doesn't appear to be... should be good to post.

Do we need to pay Noisebridge to use the space for it? Its an open source thing.

No. Its free. Ask ppl to donate to NB.

Side note: we have been absorbing the org "women who code" over in sudoroom. Was first time they hosted something in a hackerspace. Will be for the Swift group as well.

(general agreement that women's org should also host something at NB)

We were generally worried about a women group being averse to an "unclean" chaotic space. But it didn't seem to be much of a problem.

Discussion Item 2[edit]

From/Raised by: Mark Seeking - Outcome On topic: John's use of Power Tools

After some saw stop incidence, John was asked to take a break from using power tools (table saw, (?) and others). Out of concern for safety, and Noisebridge's expense.

Replacing the SawStop table saw cartridge.

Sound like Bob (Burnside) has made a donation, possibly to defer these specific costs for Noisebridge.

(? Something about hand tools). (Aiming to sell things, cover costs of replacements?)

JD: Have you had any official power tool training?

John: Like at city college or anything offocial like that?

JD: Yeah, or at a job or something?

John: No

JD: I think thats a place we can probably improve on. I can help walk you through any tool in that shop and show you propoer techniques and safety.

When it comes to the sawstop - you tripped that thing, like what? 4 times?

John: (something about why it happened)

JD: Normally when someone comes up against something like that, they might start looking at it a bit more carefully about how they approach the thing in the first place. I accepted the donatino from Bob btw. I'm reluctant, because of your history of tripping it, to say just go ahead and get back on the saw and we'll foot the bill every time it trips. I don't think its unreasonable for us to ask you to replace the thing any time it goes. We all need to manage our resources for what we want to do and this puts a lot of work on other people.

John: I've been strategizing for fewer cuts, and been willing to work under spuervision of others. I also like to show people how to do cuts they need to do as well.

(To Mark - could you read this?) Loren: ++ there are some good techniques for making little jigs or using standoff arms, it's worth getting familiar/comfortable/strong with those techniques. jigs/sacrificial parts

Mark expresses concern about potentially passing on bad techniques to others.

JD: I think you and I and maybe Ken should get together and have an afternoon training session in the shop. I suggest you have a backup cartridge ready to go whenever you use the sawstop. This would make me feel a lot more comfortable.

Brandon: Suggests some better signage around about good usage of things.

JD: Not a big fan of "wiki tutorials" and "i learned it on youtube so i know what im doing"

We've got a big void in the culture with the lack of woodshop wedsnedays

Quinn - want to express extreme discomfort with "no bad technique", mentioned by john earlier. There absolutely is bad technique.

Discussion Item 3[edit]

From/Raised by: Romy / Miromi Seeking - Advice/assistance On topic: OmniCommons / SudoRoom hackerspace in oakland is on verge of getting kicked out. they are seeking a bridge loan of $900,000 and have $2 million collateral, never late on payments.

Jake from Sudoroom has been a member here. Sudoroom is seeking the 900,000 loan.

Omni commons is a collective and they have a mortgage on the building. They have another million to pay on the mortgage, they've been making the payments, but they need someone to step in for the remaining 900k. Refinancing the mortgage. Jake has been talking about it in the Slack.

I've always wanted to bring these two hackerspaces closer together - sudo and NB. Have similar problems and affinities.

Discussion Item 4[edit]

From/Raised by: Mark Seeking - Advice/Outcome On topic: Better Event hosting/documentation

Noisebridge's event hosting and organizing culture is weak -- people are hosting events without letting anyone know and expecting everything to be fine

When are the events? What are the events? Where is the event?

Define event -- what should the organizers do? template for organizer, fill template out before event.

Anyone should be able to host an event, anytime they want to -> make process as smooth as possible.

Organizers should:

   - announce the event at a weekly meeting (members are stewards of the space and should know about the events)
   - fill out a who/what/when/where template
   - big signs with instructions on how to host an event? 

Discord organization... yes/no?

Should consider how fits into all this.

Do-ocratic Task Board[edit]

Participation also means doing stuff to contribute to the space. Propose new tasks or pick some tasks from Github, from what needs to be done around you, or whatever, and see if someone will sign up to work on that task. Anyone can sign up and it's a great way to show you are contributing!

End of Meeting[edit]