Meeting Notes 2024 04 02

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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge.

Date: 2024_04_02

Previous Meeting

Next Meeting

Note-takers: Aaron

Moderators: Loren


  • Aaron
  • Cloud (remote and suffering from fomo)
  • Elan
  • Loren
  • Mark
  • Paulo
  • JD
  • We-Z

Consensus item: buy more trash service?[edit]

Paulo proposes a second 64 L, for a total of 128 L

Cost: - An extra $200/month baseline - 25% discount possible depending on how much we divert from landfill - Current cost is ~$350/month

graphics? - for trash[edit]

recology has some online. Recology SF: sorting guides signage

-Safety Marking up laser with good signs -Do not mess with computer -emeline has given up on the project sorry loren -Trash thing

Announcement: Loren is sharing a link to a poll[edit]

Please vote! Shared in Discord#reboot24!

Collecting: - values - intentions for what we want the space to be like - helpful to have people put out statements what is important to do - mandate of active value to the space up online - so peopel could see them - people can vote / propose projects -less pressure to propose

Format - Poll statements - vote on agree or disagree - moderated (because it’s a troll vector)

Ongoing - check it once a month or once a quarter - go over it at meetings - JD: good for policy vibe checks

Question: Increase engagement - feedback - should something be different - reboot for now - encourage them to.

Spacebridge: had poll, decided time to meet[edit]

Spacebridge meetup

Sunday, late afternoon evenings

Discussion: new comms channels[edit]


  • movement-and-dance
  • whole-foods
  • useless-topics (Cloud)
  • about-discord (Loren)
  • concern: proliferation of channels
  • Elan (proposal): forum-style channels
    • have Threads - projects consolidate it - channel topics
    • Cloud: threads have the problem that hey only stick around for three days
    • Forums don’t expire like threads do?

Mark: - a catch-all community / culture thing kind of makes sense - do things like art / politics / writing get their own forums? - we should have a server feedback & requests channel

  • Loren: Commit to channel creation / demotion party once a quarter?
  • Cloud: move less-used channel down
  • Mark: what’s it like to join the Discord server for the first time?
    • Elle: overwhelming
    • Mark: there’s supposed to be a join-guilds prompt?
    • Elle, JD: seeing all the conversations going on is important
    • Cloud: the channels that require a ton of verification are the ones that want to do mroe filtering of who’s joining
    • Mark: when people join, give them as little as possible while making it as easy as possible for them to find new things
    • Elle: when people join, make them as overwhelmed as possible, and make it as easy as possible to siphon off what you want
    • Cloud: we’re still in product testing mode. if we don’t like something, we can always undo it. not the end of the world if we get it wrong the first time
  • Mark: remind me to create a shell account

Current Discord officers include, Admins Mark, Loren, JD, Elan, and (a dozen others)

New Channels![edit]

#announcements: general announcements - i.e. meeting notes, classes, meetups, etc. #community-and-culture: Catch all for general discussion topics.

Health in community space[edit]

Elle: - we have ongoing health initiatives. that’s why we have oranges and grapefruit; initiatives to encourage ourselves to walk more


Some updates done: - discussion channel: #general -> #general-meeting

JD: Posters[edit]

  • topics to hit when you’re doing a tour
  • printed-out wiki pages
  • Mark: print out manual and hang it by the door
    • at-a-glance access
    • target audience: people who don’t know yet that they should be online (different fro the manual link poster)
  • St. Igdocious (sp?)

Paulo: Ceramics[edit]

Stuff collecting dust: - Kiln (with furniture) - Wheel

Set it up in the game area, where there’s a 240 V outlet? - Point: if we want people to use it, lower the activation energy - Counterpoint (Loren): the kiln offgasses even worse stuff than the laser cutter. it’s appropriate for there to be significant activation energy for firing it up

Elle & Mark: we applied for “Vacant to Vibrant”![edit]

15-minute phone interview, 11am Wednesday, April 3

  • Pop-up space
  • Tourist destination based on the amazing tourist destination that is Noisebridge
  • People can:
    • see what NB is like
    • see what we make here
    • buy t-shirts
    • get membership info
  • if we do it as a display space, we can just leave it open
  • if we do it as a store, we can have someone crew it (and maybe even make enough money to get compensated for that)
  • Paulo: opportunity to home the things that never had one here
  • JD: “Noisebrige annex”
  • meeting / class space