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Noisebridge meeting 2018-05-08; We plan on starting between 8:20 and 8:25 (hopefully) Notes are at; feel free to help take notes!

Moderator: @rizend Note taker: Tom, Kevin

Give us money! - 66 patrons donating $1,503; lets keep it up!


Roy - they/them - project to announce later, see how that goes Kevin - they / he - coming for a while, wednesday Neurohacking explore neuroscience and machine learnring, every wednesday at 8 Beka - she/her - cpu for the lambda calculus Tom - - invention consultant, anything, ideas, electronics, manufacturing, video production, all that stuff Lindy - they/them - not from here, visiting from Toronto where I co-run Site-3 (; large personal interest in makerspace governance; Ethan - he/they - not much of a maker yet, but interested in sustainable solutions; friend doing cool food machine; curious Robby - - from out of town, here to watch the meeting and see how things go Edmund - he - trying to make my resume look better; working on a project with multiple electronic components; lot of electronics stuff; needed a place where I can do a lot of soldering; want to be part of the community as well


Tom - do-ocracy is pretty cool; only heard it here; learned what it means from observation; Do-ocracy means do what you think is right thing for the good of the group; be awseome Edmund - I actually heard of it outside of Noisebridge; you may have heard of Ingress, Pokemon Go's big brother; in some of the chat group we toss around the word do-ocracy because if you want to do something in ingress, just do it; it's an attitude of self-motivation; just have your own motivation to get it done Kevin - that's perfect; Noisebridge is a 501(c)3 with no leaders so everyone can carve their own destiny and the destiny of Noisebridge as long as it follows the one rule (be excellent to eachother); there should be some conversation between re-reverting changes Roy - no edit warring IRL Kevin - we're generally open, specifically 11 am to 10 pm to the public; a member can give you a RFID token that lets you in during day time access; a philanthropist has 24 hour access and is trusted to open and close the space and responsibilities


Becka - during tours we want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible. that doesn't mean any thing in isolation is something you should feel cofortable doing. Don't be a facsist. Harrasment of any sort is not cool. monopolization of someones time or unwanted attention is not cool. Don't have a conversation if someone doesn't want to have it. If someone is harrasing you they can ask you to leave and yu should leave. - safespace gaurdian will help you. - P.S.(no such thing as reversism)


Becka- 1. noisebytes uploader is working. to upload short videos to youtube channel. 2. Arielle Waldman - (science Hackdays) will be giving a talk on may 12, 7PM Hackers Guide to the Galaxy.

Jarrod - MakerFaire is next weekend. Neural Hackers showing brainduino, Live streaming OnAir Arcade. NGALAC. VR Noisebridge on display.

  • (IT would be good to have a pamphlet for NewSpaceProgram for maker faire...)


Tom - philanthropy is the same thing as membership access-wise, also the responsibility of stewardship of the space; so you're gonna help new people who are here to understand wehat it is and how things work and also make sure they have a safe experience and they are also being safe for the space. You also take extra care to maintain the space, but the difference between philanthropists and members is that members "vote" on things Roy - We, the people here, have trust in philanthropists; be alone in the space, close down the space. bunch of responsibilities listed on the wiki. People can give tours of how to close down.

Tom is Philanthropized![edit]


roy - no membership applications in the binder beka: membership is like philantropy, except for concensus. 24hr access, $80/mo dues, renew RFID tokens. Main difference; grant RFID tokens, request the member list, de-philanthropize someone (easy come, easy go. at the whims of members), participate in consensus, sponsor new members and philanthropists. Only members can participate in consensus, though they can proxy for non-members (block on behalf of someone else). Means you really love Noisebridge. Really care, really invested. What NB to be successful, continue existing, thriving culture. Don't have to be a member to participate in these ways (e.g. donate!). Anyone can participate in whatever way they want.

Consensus Items[edit]

- no items on wiki page currently

Kevin - consensus is our formal decision making process; it is reserved for changes that can not be done do-ocratically. Consensus is meant to hear the voice of the minority. In voting, you need 51% of the vote to do something where as in consensus you need 100% agreement. It takes a minimum of two weeks to pass a consensus proposal. If the moderator hears that there are still outstanding concerns, they may say that consensus has not been reached. If we block a member, it is better to bring up concerns publicly, but if there are safety concerns, it can be brought up during the time in which we confidentially discuss a member applicant. Kevin - membership is a sliding scale so if someone can't pay $80 a month, they can work that out with the treasurer.


Tom - I really like the way that Noisebridge operates and I've been working with the Victoria theatre recently and they asked me to do a community arts show and I was hoping to get some help from Noisebridge fine tuning the organization of that and crowd source getting it rolling

Kevin - Would Noisebridge produce comedies or dramas?

Tom - Could be anything! Dance, art, play, etc. #CommunityVariety