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meetup - infra[edit | edit source]


name what's your background in? personal

(steam beer)

Introductions[edit | edit source]

michael - product engineering - want to deploy ml models, in infra, at scale. closest so far, docker k8s ubuntu ~ admin all things linux nb ai box login credentials? ip/hostnam? lambda labs

jacob - grad cs, social sci - last month making web app. Flask. vercel. (( scaling~Minerva . london, berlin, taipei, hyderabad. sf. only l/b. (semester at sea?) wolf - not planned. person projects. professional use, strong opinions steve - listen in, lurk yassir - new here. bg systems eng. theoretical. vid compression, streaming DASH, MPEG. loren in college, work, noisebridge #rack work farley web dev, know some backend stuff. learning more. learning infra stuff! (what is infra to you: know how servers work, how to start, linux, ecosystem, bash)

Discussion[edit | edit source]

definition of infrastructure.

- (what is infra to you: know how servers work, how to start, linux, ecosystem, bash

connections museum. (james burke). several old telephone exchanges. Wolfe story. Related to 2600 frequency vs baud-


VPS hosts, hosting a website. Php or python. digitalocean nfshost - superfortress -- ovh

cony / faas /

Shared project to start?

- [ ] get michael access to ai boxen - [ ] jacob - checkout bunnylol / cony



Wrap-up[edit | edit source]

renderbox - renderbox2 - (requires key. port 1235)

riseup pad - infrastucture. stackoverflow dumps - wolf.

reading: sys admin - lambdalabs - in the beginning was the command line - / / glitching - irc / wiki

agenda next week - disect a project. how to think about this. impl details. very simple. (DASH project) (ubuntu).

happy to call in Discord, and take notes. farley - irc. discord -

21st st co-op