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Last week:

  1. meetup - infra


  • introductions: name, background, goals & interests
  • shared session today

(post in discord) (post to wiki)

    1. Introductions
  • loren - meetup. want to share experience, see new problems.
  • doug - bg. eng, ads, data & analytics, 9yrs. want tot build a solar powered gpu data center. infra building. more linux familiarity. have 3TB on AWS, $300-400 every time we sing
    • relay: `doas` trust.
  • jacob - just graduated in CS. Specialized in web dev, looking for job. Want to learn about scaling, and general
  • relay - trying to host own server. lots of trouble to host own projects. want to start own projects. get https hosting working on alpine.
  • farley - web dev, learning more linux stuff, goals: know enough linux stuff to run on own machine, fix problems. normal backend stuff. nginx reverse proxy. the more I learn, the harder it is to learn.
  • Eli - Software engineer for a long time. set up an infra server subnet sshkey and dev ops back in my engineering days because the people here are cool!
  • Ben - 10 years, IBM cobol programming. Supporting learning projects overseas.

Discussion[edit | edit source]


demo today?[edit | edit source]

- musl vs glibc - system librires - gcc, cpp, nvidia issues. -

be very careful


Lesson =[edit | edit source]

good habits to learn. check the man page check the -h

talking to people you can learn from others mistakes.

Social networks to use for help

IRC Internet Relay Chat - has more instructions for connecting. chat. or long-running tmux session.

How to ask good questions:

Check out the Decal labs, quiz yourself, test yourself. The slides have some interesting history as well. Take the labs as far as you can.

Farley issues - - startup scripts debugging, journalctl - networking, learning the concepts:

reading, from session 1: sys admin - lambdalabs - in the beginning was the command line - / / glitching - irc / wiki -

agenda next week - disect a project. how to think about this. impl details. very simple. (DASH project) (ubuntu).

happy to call in Discord, and take notes. farley - irc. discord -

21st st co-op