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Meetup - Infra[edit | edit source] 2023-07-24

Introductions[edit | edit source]

  • [name] - [background]. [goals for meetup, or interests to explore]
  • [Loren] - [Started this 7 weeks ago to have more convos around infrustructure] [Hoping to trick ppl into helping with NB infra]
  • [ Wolf ] = [Fighting with Kubernetes this week, but also running my own server, and also generally have opinions on the right way to do thing. Here to socialize]
  • [Ibis] - Network engineer for DoD for 8 years. Explore software infrastructure, and want to learn
  • [ Jason Gilbert ] - Startup called TV service. Used to connect TV, servers, etc... Self taught and happy to be here and want to get my app going.
  • [Vivek] - I am here to meet people learn things and also to make a birthday app.
  • [Dylan] - Areospace engineer. Trying to figure out infrastructure, and dev ops tends to get into the way. I wanted to go to Python but then didn't want to stand up.
  • [Paul Hat Guy] - Run and want to learn about best practices.
  • [Farley] - I am a web developer learning linux a lot. Came to this meetup to meet people about that.
  • [ Simon ] - Here for cyber security.
  • [Gregory] - I create hardware for maching learning, and am interested in the infra side.

Lesson or Demo[edit | edit source]

  • Shell, web services, self-hosting, networking!

Loren - I will run through the docs of Lazy hosting means creating things in a way that doesn't require ongoing effort.

YunoHost is a GUI for servers. It is a debian package on the backend. And if you know debian you can send mods from the command line. You can run services from your own hardware. Install services with a nice GUI lke adminer.

Yuno host helps you deploy a lot of different popular applications without worrying about all the issues of hosting. So you can one click install things like Discuss, NetxCloud, etc...

Jason: So this is all you need?

Loren: Well, you also need DNS, and then you can route to one of these applications.

Paul: Can't you jsut use an ip address?

Wolf: Most of these services don't like just ip addresses.

Loren: You also get SSH. Uptime Kuma is also really nice for when you self host. Also Libera chat. And a lot of other cool apps you can self host.

Loren demos all the apps he has installed on his Yuno portal.

Loren will write on his wiki user page all the services he uses.

  1. Wolf Presentation

Feep! search alpha is Wolf's search engine which he created after he downloaded all of stackoverflow (40gb of xml) and was wonderring how to parse it.

This is about the size of google back in 1998.

What are the specs?

It is a 2013 HP server of something or another and you have to look it up for the specs. The hard drive is pretty slow, and even sparked a class action.

Questions, Discussion, or Coworking[edit | edit source]

Jason : How can I hide the logic of my code (obfuscate)

Answer: Use a bundler like webpack, and gulp in your build step before you deploy.

The server is on Ubuntu with a node server, and uses elastic search.

Paul: Is elastic search AWS?

Wolf and Loren: It is open source and they are unhappy about AWS selling it. The licensing has changed.

Loren : Have you looked at things other than elastic search?

Wolf: Not yet, but would like to.

Loren: Solar.js good? Or lunar? Meli search. Typesense. Weave. etc... are open source search solutions.

Vivek: Does elastic take your files and index them?

Wolf: I will get to that.

Check my blog, too:

So it started this way:

   Starting with 40GB xml (don't have 40GB of ram to parse it)
   So use a streaming xml parser
   Change xml to json line format, then stream it out
   Reindexing is expensive and it is easy to run out of disk space etc... 

Q: Do you think some search methods will be more resiliant for LLMs.

Loren: Also recommend meilisearch

Q: So you if you want to make a website to serve requests. What do you recommend for a starting stack.

A: Just get a basic server for files.

Jason to demo. His app is like a smart TV for streaming, videogames, etc... with many customizable views. And program the channels. Scheduler etc...

How many lines is this? 200,000+

  • [Issue]

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