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Meetup - Infra[edit]



  • [name] - [background]. [goals for meetup, or interests to explore]
  • Loren -
  • Matias - interning in SF, as SWE. Working on infrastructure and automation
  • Matt (McAllister) - same student group as Loren
  • Michael - backend product engineering, learning more about lots. New focus on deploying to cloud concerns. Piqued interest in deploying docker ML images
  • Doug - background in running chess engines, hosting own hardware. Standing some up right now. Making a hammer.

Lesson or Demo[edit]

  • Shell, web services, self-hosting, networking!

  • WireGuard - demo setup.
    • Subnet
  • ARIN.

Questions, Discussion, or Coworking[edit]

  • [Issue]

For next time[edit]


Readings & Exercises[edit]

  • Readings
  • Exercises

Join online[edit]

  • Try it yourself!
    • Join #nb-meetup-infra