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Brief presentation on mediawiki, got some people accounts. Wide ranging discussion, not so much presentation.



  • Benjamin - here, accidentally. however, very interested in how it works. always wanting to hack on it, build
  • Sven - here accidentally, for python class, not here. partner here for sewing class. Work as a systems engineer. Read lots of code, write little, but would like to improve.
  • Rahil - used to do game stuff, when younger. Taiwan, hippie life, catching up on years missed. Interest in indie games, where they intersect with art, fine art. NYC. Exploratorium. Trying web frameworks.
  • Loren - running the meetup for a little over 2 months
  • Farley - interested in learning more infra stuff. studying networking, and some docker stuff today. VNC attempt.

Lesson or Demo[edit]

  • Shell, web services, self-hosting, networking!
  • One of:
    • Discussion of nb infra. wiki. New: member system?, Revive: discourse? mailman?
    • SHED (door system).
    • Blog post.
  • Farley question VNC on noisebridge host
    • On nb host: Launch X11 server. Tell it to listen on localhost. (And accept connections?)
    • ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 [nb host] # implicitly localhost:5900:localhost:5900
    • local: [tigervnc] localhost:5900
  • Getting mute mary working again? Tor node - repurpose for hosting.


  • Farley presentation on nvim - only use lua.

Join online[edit]

  • Try it yourself!
    • Join #nb-meetup-infra