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Meetup - Infra[edit]

2023-09-18m (summary) Meetup/Infra


* [name] - [background]. [goals for meetup, or interests to explore]

  • Loren - enjoy hosting these discussions, encouraging people to contribute to nb infra, self-host for themselves, Noisebridge, other groups, or
  • Hoss - work in IT, trying to branch out, goal: development of infrastructure. building out bigger projects with AWS or Azure
  • Vlad - work here in startups, building out home lab, building home stack learning build out and automation
  • Matt - used to administer at UC Berkeley, with Loren. Like self-hosting
  • Rahil - self-hosting, build out
  • Doug - learning more about infrastructure to build out hardware in place of cloud usage.
  • Max - hacker, not planned to join. Hey, I used Digital Ocean, and my friend's sketchy server


Last week's:

  • Recent successes
    • Unit tests, 3 years in
    • $5/mo linode, scheduling students, classes.
    • Scheduling - Loren's high school (future guest talk?)
  • Vendor lock-in. Heroku. Dokku - self-hosted heroku.

"canonical" form, in feed blog usage

  • fzf, fd - fun demo, compelling TZ selection

``` fd . --base-directory /usr/share/zoneinfo -E right -E posix | sed 's_^./__' | fzf --multi | while read tz; do printf '%20s: %s\n' "$tz" "$(TZ=$tz date)"; done ``` - ledger/hledger/beancount - cli tools, incompatible but converible, same spirit. beancount has a web frontend: fava

  • Finance - ML models, hedge funds stay away from.

Recommendations? Staying in the loop Oxide's podcast - learning by doing.

learn by watching. streaming. pair programming. lonathan blow


  • staying in touch, answering questions

irc: discourses: nix, kde, so-many-others, noisebridge (discords: meh)

For next time[edit]

  • conference mic - some shared screen?
  • shared stories, implementation details. helpful
  • presentations.

Join online[edit]

  • Try it yourself!
    • Join #nb-meetup-infra



Generously transcribed by Cloud, online, who could only hear parts of the conversation.

Workflow build up on a single node.
Fundamental: Inherit
Chosen system or built system.
You could count canonical-reference textbook
Describing a processing happy change?
Uniform internal - normalize consistent relative paths that consist of backchecking.
Page 3 of book. Fundamental
Huge quick command line things.
Pipelines - extensive on daily task to work on something.
No retail wants to us AWUS
Come up with private dataclient and datacenters google,
Backblaze - too late. It was great.
Rolling out this API. Screwed up.
It kept running it. Pipelines data for less, retailers,
Pipeline API - in the same map, application API - data - API - really complicated - secret for
productivity - API running red hot - application it takes time remember it, we need an alert
system, when it pulled over, light, or siren network,, developer oriented, self-post the
server, it’s open.
Hedgefund guys who are really smart.
We notice that 2008, 15 rows of data that were all identical, 30 billion rows of data. It’s real data.
They 1000 in them, supermarket, box darth code, saturated, negative 1 row, questions brought
up, 12 lewis.
Its’ pretty complicated.
Retail. Render the data. New IYRM. Using AI to train a model for redstones. Name of platform -
marketdata model using market data. Portfolio - backtest, acceptance criteria responsible for
your own. (NEWermate? The name) hedge fund.
They don’t believe in blackbox.
Regulators (data given) Rennescant tech, reductions to the mean across enough, in some
location industry, enough explanatory variables. You get enough factors, potentially have
results. 1-20 text will give you a good answer.
Investment distraction, signal, economic APIs.
Marketdata-outside data, you could get paid more for medical than camary? 30 percent, even if
your fund 20 steps,
Uses FCF - great tools, NIX, command line helpful, SPFSD????
What the heck Loren.
It has a much nicer syntax.
FD command - shorter and less strict about order
Cute little thing shared:
Show a couple time zones at once.
Depth 5, zone, time zone, etz time zone
Command reads “Fine timezone” - tz/depth3/type directory 4
FD last time, FD recursive list of the directory, want the file names use that as a base directory
and we have the time zones. Prefix with right.
Pen to a file, append, 2 to append.
Left bracket, single left bracket file, redirect, 3 gives you loren is tired of wordle, so will do 5
letter things, without “A” “E” “I” or “1”
Exact matching not fuzzy matching.
Multi select tab to select UTC.
Select - finance, new york, money never sleeps, we get these passed out. Fun tool not empty.
Mail packet, if its not empty mail outputs. Default, send anyways. Add some other things, with it
and you will want to trigger - other body you are adding and you don’t want that to send.
Useful tool in the pipe, recalling line, we pass them to our environment variable to date, and we
get the current data right now. Ehhhh
This for obscure reasons, bash issue again.
Loren thinks in bash and not zeesh? Sheesh? Did I hear that correctly?
Bash didn’t given the escape thing.
Timezones, output pipe somewhere.
Let us fix that.
Greenwich - not labeled - dislike!
Make it nicer by using some print formatting 12 character wide string followed by another string
and output the timezone follow by semicolon, syntax, dense, doable. Executable file? Put it into
a function, and save the timezone into an array variable, 4 or 2 and update. More complex than
you want.
Recommend, gradual scripting - nice idea.
You make executable script, read question 1 question 2, right out the plan and make bash write
you through it. Walk it through executable, and wipe parts of that, executable run book.
Billies and beltflash.
Forgot a new line data structure: if you, map file
We are just seeing the ends.
Take in a file and give you an array of the lines.
Read lines in this way, well read line.
Unless you need to take other input, standard input, interactive input.
This is useful for that, write it in python probably.
One more cool thing:
Available as UYPIP - little tool to - piping something through - more interesting words, want
them to be the same each time, using a consistent source of input through the random mess,
constant random through, by default you could, have some things to find, select lines from it,
python code in here, it will do some nice things, and explain what it is doing, AST parts things
and outputs.
Strange bash python, ruby has pride.
Projects - done insane thing, AST decide which modules to important, source that it executes,
outputs, interpreter to do its normal thing, said bash, its not JSON ( will find out) ask for dumping
of strings, you get (standard library) conflict file where you could define stuff, default line stuff
quick functions, and have this do math for you operations somewhere. Cute dense tools.
Not going to do other- cool command stuff, moments interest, PYP is a python thing, 5pi, PYPY
- is the python package
Why does it exist?
PYPI. Induction. Git. Java. Runs faster.
Written as a subset of python called art python, true object times from types that want to
optimize, clear separation, required internally, optimize around faster, internally it just needs
these. C-python. Correctness - C python interpreter, dozens of half a dozen widely used, python
running, mainly PYPY legit project.
It does how you achieve that python numbers have objects.
When we do numpi calculations - modular project - chris laterner’s new thing - mojo.
Writing python code = modules that have special, C -API. Falls in. Fun deep things. Virtual
Ask - podcast related you enjoy reading, opsci computer podcast, build computers to self-host,
self-hosting. Blogpost. Podcast, are really good.
Dtrace at 20 - people who run the company.
Operating system - one branch and one computer and a safe, operating system - scanning =
check scan software, run on an emulator, inside a server, effect of the 80’s. Software, running
inside a virtual machine.
Original language -
Christine ZI - tailscale?
CNS - connect - route DNS home - access python -
Wrote snowflake - but didn’t get hired by TOR.
Short-term other people game can use - core it. IP That - wont is social be able infrastructure
 to outcompete 👍
Serene her as invented she innovates. the IP? Base Am I so spelling
her name correctly?
WebRTC client and becomes an exit there.
Super easy to setup.
Fairly easy for there to be a lot civil nodes,
Formally - at the entry - popular complaint - use a vpn instead and use this blog sort of problem
is it easy to setup? Nope.
Chrome extension comes up -= server - exist nodes entry nodes nom-bridges that get blocked -
Traffic filtering, Sophisticated algorithm VPN.
Deepact and ML learning will learn tactic groups that come across and know the shape of the
handshape by obscure bike counts, SSH tunnel
Moderate, not at its lowest end.
Moderate end. Can identify.. Stuff.
Self-hosting vpn