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Large visiting Swiss school group. Discussions and engagement from professor, students, and regulars, Tim & Doug.


  • [name] - [background]. [goals for meetup, or interests to explore]

  • Loren - this meetup to have good war story coversations, learn, share the learning.
  • Ivan - worked in QA for storage company, then geo-mapping company.
  • Doug -
  • Fabio - business administration student, finding out what happens in the area, how the community works together
  • Tio (sp) - business administration, real estatte agent work. Tonight, learn more about my work.
  • Cedric, Data Science cusrious
  • Jauranne Media Engineering, no ecpectatioopns
  • Jasmine media Enginnering Student - discover
  • Thomas Media Engineering, Curious
  • Asia , Media Engineering, open minded
  • Mark Business Administration studenty
  • Carolina, Business Adminmstration stiudent. Curious about what happens
  • Celine Business Admin student
  • Stephanie Business Admin Student
  • Leo Electrical Engineering Student
  • Mohammed Discover new stuff*
  • (Professor) Vincent - swiss university - 2 wk student trip, immersion. from Lausanne

Value of Self Hosting / Data Sovereignty

Moment of Zen podcasting

  • Questions for guests: other hacker/makerspace.
  • Questions about what we are doing. In maker-/hacker-space, or work, or community, something else??

Lesson or Demo[edit]

  • --
  • Web3 - going away. Farcaster Frames, going away.

  • Who's used
    • ChatGPT (or Claude, or Mistral, or something else?)
    • MidJourney
    • (Runway ml?)
    • Ssomwthing else? (adobe firefly 2.0)
    • Stable Diffusion (logo generation)
      • DALL-E(2) - everyday.

  • Authors & stories informing perceptions about an AI future.
    • Anne Leckie - Ancillary Justice/Sword/Mercy series
    • Iana M Culture -- culture series
    • WIlliam Gibson -- Neuromancer, Count Zero, Monolisa Overdrive, and short stories
    • Orson Scott Card -- Alice in Ender's Series
    • Neal Stephenson - Diamond Age, or a young lady's illustraed primer
    • Kim Stanley Robinson ~

  • -- loom (can't find the snippet generated, moving visuals)
  • openai blog post -- data fitlering.

retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) perplexity

Allen AI and Mistral AI (new models) Microsoft's LLaVA (combined with?) -- some ai discussion -- a fair number of ideas about ai safety. includes series things, fringe things, and lots of serious things that used to be fringe things.

  • Shell, web services, self-hosting, networking!

Questions, Discussion, or Coworking[edit]

  • [Issue]

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Readings & Exercises[edit]

  • Readings
  • Exercises

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