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Although bungee cords and zip ties have gone a long way toward making knots and ropework an obsolete skill, it's still surprising useful and undertaught. Completion of this badge will ensure that you've at least got the basic skills to tie things together.

Subject Matter Experts[edit]



  1. Describe the first aid for a rope burn. Additionally, discuss the safety implications of tying bad knots. List some common knotting mistakes and their consequences.
  2. Explain the use of, and demonstrate the ability to tie, the following knots:
    1. Square Knot
    2. Bowline
    3. Sheet Bend
    4. Sheep Shank
    5. Round Turn with Two Half Hitches
    6. Taut-line hitch
  3. Demonstrate how to whip and fuse the ends of a rope.
  4. Explain the use of each of the following class of knot, and demonstrate one of the listed knots from each class:
    1. Hitches
      1. Clove Hitch
      2. Timber Hitch
      3. Strap Hitch / Lark's Head
      4. Rolling or Magnus Hitch
    2. Bends
      1. Carrick Bend
      2. Blood Knot
      3. Water Knot
      4. Double Figure Eight
    3. Binding Knots
      1. Constrictor Knot
      2. Strangle Knot
      3. Surgeon's Knot
  5. Explain the use of and demonstrate the following splices:
    1. Short Splice
    2. Eye Splice
    3. Back Splice
    4. Long Splice
  6. Explain the use of and demonstrate the following lashings:
    1. Square Lashing
    2. Diagonal Lashing
    3. Sheer Lashing
  7. Show how to make a 6' or greater length of twisted rope using twine and a rope-making tool.