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A Gentle Reminder[edit]

This is an incomplete list of messes left for others to clean up in the space. If this was yours, please remember to leave the space cleaner than you found it next time. If you know whose it was, please kindly remind them that putting your trash in the appropriate place is excellent!

This page will become obsolete soon, I'm sure of it

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15 August 2012[edit]

  • Burger Joint shake cup on main hack table
  • Gatorade bottles and Rockstar can on electronics lab endtable
  • Hot sauce left over from Starfleet hat guy on Monday night
  • (Taqueria?) cup with Coke logo on 3-D printer table
  • 1-gallon Crystal Geyser bottle on main hack table
  • C2O pure cononut water can left on electronics bench
  • Water glasses left on Quagga side of electronics bench next to iP4200
  • Glass and monitor left in front of library couch