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Continuing the discussion from MetaGuild Charter: Please edit this draft copy of the charter as you see fit, but also explain your edits and ideas on Discuss so we can figure this out.

Charter of MetaGuild[edit]

  1. Terms

Rank - An identifier of a certain level of achievement, responsibility, and acknowledgement for an individual within the guild. Current Ranks are: Organizer, Journeyman, Guildmaster

Guild Consensus - The method of making decisions that impact this guild and the way it operates the guild system, analogous to Noisebridge “big C” Consensus. A Master or a Journeyman of any guild can block a Guild Consensus item should they so choose. Guild Consensus items must be made aware to all Masters and Journeymen of all guilds. If a big decision has to do with greater Noisebridge-scope matters, it should be brought up at Noisebridge general as a Noisebridge Consensus item.

MetaGuild task board - an online task management tool we use to keep track of what ppl are doing. Currently exists at:

Guild System - the formal system of guilds (aka organizational groups within Noisebridge) which MetaGuild presides over and guides the existence of.

1. Theory of Trust, Ownership, and Transference[edit]

  1. Trust - This document provides not only a theory but also a mechanism for a particular level of trust. This document shall be publicly visible to all who wish to see it (and easily accessible via Noisebridge’s main website? <- potentially nebulous). Once one attains the level of Master (see: section 2) within this guild, they are granted access to edit this document. Masters are trusted not to edit this clause out of existence. Amendments (including to this clause) may, however, be made via a consensus of any members (second rank or above) of active guilds.
  2. Transference - Should a Master leave/abdicate their responsibilities to this guild, they must ensure any exclusive credentials they own are transferred to another Master. Should all exclusive credentials not be transferred to a new Master, this guild is to be removed and archived.
  3. Removal - Should a Master leave and they be the sole remaining Master of the guild, the guild should be considered abandoned and the proper steps ought to be taken to remove the guild’s presence from the Noisebridge Guild System. It ought to be archived as per MetaGuild’s archival process. (Should we establish a common grounds for removal/archival within the Metaguild’s Theory? The following is a stab at such a thing) MetaGuild exercises by fiat and virtue of being the Guild System leadership, the exclusive right to remove and archive guilds as is warranted by visible abandonment of such guilds and Guild Consensus amongst MetaGuild’s Masters.

2. Masters and JourneyMen[edit]

  1. Every member of the guild starts out in the rank of Organizer. To become a Journeyman, and further, a Master, one must complete certain requirements, usually involving badges. (Should founder of Guild be exempt from such requirements and be automatically Master Level?) There may be multiple Masters.The hierarchy, if there is one, is theoretically determined by merit, no more, no less.
  2. Masters

Minimum Requirements[edit]

A journeyman should become a Master of the MetaGuild upon completion of at least 6 Journeyman level badges, 1 Master level badge, (and the Guild Consensus of all current Masters?).

A Master should be present at Noisebridge general meetings and give a weekly guild report. If they can’t be present, they should defer to other Masters, in other words: ENSURE that at least one Master is present and reporting.

A Master should track other guild members’ task completions, and badge completions, and handle the management duties associated.

A Master should own all credentials a Journeyman has. They should also own edit access to this document and admin credentials on the Guild’s discussion forum of choice.

A Master should at minimum be a Noisebridge philanthropist (or some equivalent category: i.e. one that has 24 hour physical space access and associated responsibilities for space maintenance) We encourage you to achieve higher levels of Noisebridge membership.

A Master inherits all privileges and responsibilities of lower ranks of the MetaGuild.

3. JourneyMan’s Requirements and Responsibilities[edit]

Minimum Requirements

An Organizer should become a Journeyman upon completion of at least 6 Organizer level badges and the sponsorship of one Master-level member of the guild.

A journeyman should participate in Guild Consensus, which is a Guild-scoped version of Noisebridge “Big C Consensus”. Basically, you can block important, guild-system related decisions that you fundamentally disagree with.


A journeyman should be able to create tasks and mark tasks as completed on the MetaGuild task board.

A journeyman of MetaGuild should assist members of other Guilds with guild-management tasks so as to help with interguild cohesion within the Guild System of Noisebridge.

3. Badges (All numbers subject to revision as we test out the first iteration of the system)[edit]

1. Organizer Level[edit]

Novice TaskRabbit - complete at least 3 tasks on the MetaGuild task board

NoviceTaskMaster - create at least 3 tasks on the MetaGuild task board

(with the help of a journeyman or higher rank individual)

Assistant - Help another active Guild with a guild-org related task at least 3 times

Contributor - make at least 20 edits to Noisebridge wiki

Guilds Contributor - make at least 10 edits to Guild-pages on the wiki.

Resourcer - create at least 3 resource pages on the Noisebridge wiki.

Badger - Create at least 3 badges for other active Guilds.

Novice Pruner - Remove 2 dead events or pages from the wiki.

Novice MetaArtist - Create badge art for a badge

Novice FOSSer - Contribute code to the digital badge system for the Guild System

Novice PolyMath - Achieve badges from at least 3 unique guilds

2. Journeyman Level[edit]

are Archiver - Archive a dead guild as per the archival process defined by MetaGuild..

Web Content Specialist - Assist the Noisebridge webmaster in updating the ‘Guild System’ section of Noisebridge’s website to account for Guild additions and archivals, and general Guild System changes.

Super Contributor - Make at least 50 edits to the Noisebridge wiki

Knowledge Reservoir - Create at least 10 pages on the Noisebridge wiki.

Honey Badger - Create 10 badges for other active Guilds

Apprentice Pruner - Remove at least 10 dead events/pages from the wiki.

Apprentice TaskRabbit - complete at least 20 tasks on the MetaGuild task board

Apprentice TaskMaster - create at least 10 tasks on the MetaGuild task board

Chairman of the Board - Help set up a task board for a new guild

Apprentice FOSSer - Contribute code (at least 10 commits) to the digital badge system for the Guild System

Apprentice MetaArtist - Create badge art for at least 10 badges

Apprentice PolyMath - Achieve 3 badges each from at least 5 unique guilds.

3. Master Level[edit]

Founder - Start a Guild as per the MetaGuild requirements. (see: Section 4a)

Reporter - Do at least 3 weekly Guild Reports at the Noisebridge general meeting.

Master Contributor - Make at least 100? edits to the Noisebridge wiki. Edit quality will be considered. (Good number? Idk. Mark currently has 88. Let’s compare edit histories!)

Master TaskRabbit - complete at least 50 tasks on the MetaGuild task board

Greater Hog Badger - Create at least 25 badges for other active Guilds

Ammendor - Create and ratify by Guild Consensus an amendment to a guild Charter

Master FOSSer - Make at least 50 contributions total to the Guild System section of the Noisebridge website and/or the digital Badge System

Master MetaArtist - Create badge art for at least 40 badges

Master PolyMath - Achieve 6 badges each from at least 7 unique guilds.

4. Founding a new Guild[edit]

1. Requirements[edit]

A group of at least 2 individuals who wish to set up a new Guild should ask themselves the question: Has this been done before? Is it documented already? In order to form a Guild as recognized by the MetaGuild, group must lay out a Charter of their proposed guild, which contains the following, at a minimum:

  1. a theory of trust, ownership, and transference,
  2. a set of badges, and
  3. a list of ranks and requirements for achieving said ranks, with at least two ranks, 1 called ‘Journeyman’, 1 called ‘Master’, which meet the minimum requirements set out in this Charter (section 2)
  4. A guild identity, which is a description of how to uniquely ID your guild..

A proposed guild must also have a wiki page with a minimum following set of sections: A Basic Description, Charter, Resources, Maintainers/Members

2. Recognition[edit]

New guilds should be proposed either at a MetaGuild meeting or a Noisebridge general meeting during the GuildMaster’s report section. Upon proposal, MetaGuild Masters will do Guild Consensus at the next available MetaGuild meeting to recognize the newly proposed guild. There should be at least 2 people proposing any new guild.

3. Sunsetting/Archival[edit]

Guilds deemed ‘inactive’ by MetaGuild (see: section 4(d)) will be archived by a well-defined process such that any information can be retrieved should it or any similar guild want to start up again with minimal effort, thus not ‘re-inventing the wheel’, so to speak.

The process is outlined as follows:

  1. Archive the guild wiki page by adding “” to the bottom of the wiki page
  2. Move the link to the guild wiki page in /wiki/Guilds from “active guilds” section to “archived guilds” section


4. Inactivity[edit]

A guild will be deemed ‘inactive’ if no guild report is delivered by a Master at the weekly Noisebridge meeting for 4 consecutive weeks. An effort should be made by metaguild masters to attempt to reach the impending inactive guild members at the point of 2-3 weeks of inactivity.

5. Guild Identity[edit]

Our guild color is Lime. (#00FF00). Our badges will be outlined in this color.

We currently have discussions in the Guilds/MetaGuild category of Discuss and the #guilds channel of Slack.

Our wiki page can be found at

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