Metaguild Meeting Notes 2022 08 11

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These are the notes from the The 4th Meeting of Metaguild.

Date: 2022_08_11

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Note-takers: Mark

Moderators: Mark

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Meeting Summary[edit]


TLDR what happened at the meeting:

Electronics guild talk and badges talk.

Introductions & Roll Call[edit]

Mark - Metaguild, Games Aja - interested in electronics guild Sid - interested in electronics guild as well Greg - Sewing Guild, not formally at all here to represent

Progress Report / Announcements[edit]

Nothing really - very informal meeting.

New Guilds Proposed[edit]

Some discussion about what a guild is exactly happened. Mark mentioned some stuff about maintainers and resources. Gerg - What about a philosophy guild? Is it a guild? They don't really have resources in the traditional sense.


Are there any abandoned guilds? What is the criteria for "abandoned" status? What housekeeping needs to be done? Does anyone want to step up to revitalize an abandoned guild?


Discussion Item 1 - Electronics[edit]

Mark - Electronics guild needs to happen. People need to manage electronics resources. And a plan needs to be made for the space.

Aja - something ive always wanted to do: the problem is many people have their own opinions and ideas about how things should be done - r.e. electronics AND at noisebridge as a whole. Two electronics spaces - one upstairs and one upstairs is annoying and sucks. We need to make a buildout plan.

Mark - one question imght be whether the upstairs room is a good room for all the electronics stuff.

Sid - ventilation in the upstairs room is a factor wrt soldering in the room, etc

Aja - ventilation should be handled for sure, but that might not be the most main reason that people don't do it up in these rooms.

MArk - the real issue is not what to do but rather how to recruit people in order to do it most excellently

Aja - Let's talk to robert. He does CHM.

(The group generally notices that there are a lot of self-directed indivuals that could use persuasion in terms of working with people)

Zach is listed as a maintainer of the guild

Greg - mmetups are a great recruitment tool. Tell ppl about the guild at them.

Mark suggests Aja and Sid works with Robert on using CHM as a conduit for recruitment.

Aja - CHM needs a more consistent teacher plan. Robert currently only commits to one monday a month. We need the other 3 weeks filled.

Discussion Item 2 - Badges/Achievements/Certificates[edit]

Mark - badges are an idea. I think they could exist in a number ofk forms, varying by guild. A question is could one guild have "badges", another one have "achievements" and another one yet have "ceritfications", and would those all be equal in the eyes of metaguild or?

Greg - So you asking, what is the difference between these things? I think certification shold be avoided, because it comes with the connotation that noisebridge is the "certifying body". Achievements/badges could be fun.

Mark - a question I have is should there be real world implications for any of this stuff. Like, as in, could having a certain set of/amount of badges from noisebridge potentially be a resume booster or something. Is it something that could really mean something to anyone in the outside world. BC like, right now, its actually existing that there is some kind of "soft" social advantage to being a noisebridger imho.

I think we would want to let groups assign whatever "weight" they want to for their achievements.

I don't think we'd want to "shame" guilds into having achievements if they don't want, but rather let them have the freedom to choose. We could provide a template of sorts though for guilds to use.

On top of providing the template, we would need to advertise it.

We have a template of sorts already. It probably needs revision.

POINT OF ACTION: Look over metaguild charter and badges spec. Get ppl to give feedback on it in its current form. Revise as necessary. Then start implementing an example system.

End of Meeting[edit]