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The Metal Shop contains some metal working tools like a manual desktop mill and lathe.

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Rules[edit | edit source]

For yours and others' safety:

  • Do not attempt to work with the machines unless you are experienced or have had someone teach you. The machines can be deadly
  • Wear protective goggles. Tie your hair and do not wear any loose clothing or gloves
  • Read through the manuals for the machine you are using
  • Unplug machines while changing speeds
  • Never leave the chuck key in the lathe chuck.

Metalshop etiquete:

  • Before using, apply way oil on the ways for the lathe / milling machine
  • After finishing work:
    • Vacuum your chips
    • Put cutting tools back to where they belong
    • Leave the space better than you found it

Equipment[edit | edit source]

On the shelves and under the table in the metal room you should be able to find:

  • Cutting tools and tool holders for the lathe. There are some on the shelves and in the chest below the lathe
  • Endmills
  • Measuring tools and parallels