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Mitch Altman and Jimmie Rodgers are creating:

FR + UK + DE +NL Workshop Tour 2015![edit]

Note: This page is about an event that has already happened. It took place on 2015-04-01 to 2015-05-31.
Flags fr uk de nl hacked.jpg

                      Can we do a workshop at your hackerspace or library or museum or school or artist space (or wherever!) this April & May?
                             (We are still available for some dates in May in Germany.)

                      Please email me with questions, or to get more info:
                                mitch *at* CornfieldElectronics *dot* com

We were paid by the UK Maker Faire to go to/from Europe this spring. So Mitch Altman (starting 1-April) and Jimmie Rodgers (starting 15-April) are giving workshops and talks in Paris and around FR, at the UK Maker Faire and UK hackerspaces, back to FR, then to Berlin on 11-May, and ending in Hack In The Box in Amsterdam, where Jimmie flies home (via Iceland) to Boston on 31-May and I fly home to San Francisco on 1-June.

Noisebridge Soldering Workshop.jpg

Our workshops are for all ages, and all skill levels.


Workshops are great ways to attract new cool people to your hackerspace or other organization (existing or forming), and to energize people already at the space. You can also use the workshops to raise funds, if you like.

Me and Jimmie don't make money from our workshops. The money we charge (€10 to €25, depending on the kit) pays for kit parts and travel. We do this because we love teaching people how to make cool things! And we love helping hackerspaces and other cool orgs.

Would you be interested in having us do workshops at your space?
We still have some dates open in Germany (please see below).

Please let me know!
mitch *at* CornfieldElectronics *dot* com

Workshops & Talks[edit]

This is the workshop that we can do for this tour:

SolderingIsEasy cover EN.PNG
  • Variety of Cool Kits / Learn to Solder workshop (3 hours)

We'll be bringing lots of our kits, all designed for total beginners, but fun and intriguing enough for everyone.
We can teach anyone and everyone how to solder -- soldering actually is easy!   It's also fun to learn.
                 * intro
                 * demo of all available kits, and how they work
                 * learn how to solder!
                 * everyone solders their kit, with as much help as they need

  • We can also give talks, if there's interest.
  • I'm also happy to share experience and compare notes on keeping spaces and communities healthy and strong.
  • Anything that can help out your hackerspace!

Requirements for the hosting space, and more info on workshops, kits, costs, and publicity[edit]

Please use the following links for:[edit]

       * more info on the workshop
       * a list of kits we'll bring
       * the kit cost for participants
       * publicity
       * for the requirements for hosting spaces:

Arduinos For Total Newbies workshop.jpg

Add your space to the FR + UK + DE + NL Workshop Tour 2015![edit]

I'd love to add your space to our tour. Please let me know if you're interested, and we'll make it happen.

We're into any and all interested spaces:

  • hackerspaces
  • libraries
  • museums
  • community organizations
  • arts organizations
  • your cool space, whatever it is

Please email me for questions, or to get more info:
mitch *at* CornfieldElectronics *dot* com

Mitch Altman


Please don't add your space to this schedule -- please email me first -- thanks!    <mitch *at* CornfieldElectronics *dot* com>


  • April 1 Wednesday -- leave San Francisco (SFO) UA #990 2:30pm
  • April 2 Thursday -- arrive --> Paris (CDG) --> 10:45pm

SolderingIsEasy cover FR.PNG
FR cities map


  • April 22 Wednesday -- Montpellier Saint Roach --> Paris Gare de Lyon train #TGV6062 12:26pm --> 3:53pm
  • April 22 Wednesday -- Paris Gare du Nord train --> London St Pancras train #Eurostar9053 6:40pm --> 8:02pm

  • April 23 Thursday -- Londond Kings Cross --> Newcastle train #GR44000 1:30pm --> 4:42pm

SolderingIsEasy cover EN.PNG
UK cities map

  • April 28 Tuesday -- Newcastle --> Carlisle train #NT107900 11:22am --> 12:47pm
  • April 28 Tuesday -- hang out with Pat Smith, Carlisle
  • April 28 Tuesday -- Carlisle --> Manchester Picadilly train #TP806000 5:33pm --> 7:27pm
  • April 29 Wednesday -- Manchester
  • April 30 Thursday -- Manchester
  • May 1 Friday -- Manchester
  • May 2 Saturday -- 1:00pm - 4:00pm -- Madlab solder workshop, Manchester
  • May 3 Sunday -- 1:00pm - 4:00pm -- Madlab Salford solder workshop, Salford

  • May 4 Monday -- Manchester Picadilly --> London Euston train #TL833076 1:15pm --> 3:32pm
  • May 5 Tuesday -- London
  • May 6 Wednesday -- 7:00pm - 10:00pm -- London Hackspace solder workshop, London
  • May 7 Thursday -- London


SolderingIsEasy cover FR.PNG
FR cities map

  • May 11 Monday -- Leave Toulouse Matabiau --> Paris Austerlitz, train 3700 10:38am --> 5:38pm


SolderingIsEasy cover DE.jpg
German cities map

  • May 12 Tuesday -- Paris Est --> Strasbourg, train TGV9573 11:25am --> 1:42pm
  • May 12 Tuesday -- Strasbourg --> Frankfurt Hbf, train TGV9583 1:56pm --> 3:58pm
  • May 12 Tuesday -- Frankfurt Hbf --> Berlin Hbf, train ICE596 4:13pm --> 8:46pm
  • May 13 Wednesday -- Berlin
  • May 14 Thursday -- 9:00am - 10:00pm -- Open Tech Summit solder workshop, Berlin
  • May 15 Friday -- Berlin

  • May 16 Saturday -- Berlin Hbf --> Köln Hbf, train ICE858 1:46pm --> 6:28pm
  • May 17 Sunday -- 1:00pm - 3:00pm -- Chaos.Cologne Konferenz solder workshop, Köln
  • May 18 Monday -- Köln Hbf --> Berlin Hbf, train IC1920 2:45pm --> 7:53pm
  • May 19 Tuesday -- 5:00pm - 8:00pm -- Betahaus solder workshop
  • May 20 Wednesday -- Berlin


SolderingIsEasy cover FR.PNG
Swiss cities map

  • May 21 Thursday -- Berlin Hbf --> Berm, train ICE371 10:32am --> 6:56pm
  • May 21 Thursday -- Bern Hbf --> Lausanne, train IR2532 7:04am --> 8:10pm
  • May 22 Friday -- Lausanne
  • May 23 Saturday -- 2:00pm -- Fixme solder workshop, Lausanne


SolderingIsEasy cover NL.jpg
Netherlands cities map

  • May 31 Sunday -- 10:25pm -- Jimmie leaves Amsterdam for Reykjavik

  • June 1 Monday -- Amsterdam (AMS) --> Frankfurt (FRA) UA #9203 11:10am --> 12:20pm
  • June 1 Monday -- Frankfurt (FRA) --> San Francisco (SFO) UA #902 1:55pm --> 4:15pm

* June 1 Monday San Francisco, CA -- Back home!


Here's the photos I've taken (from my Flickr account) from this Workshop Tour:

-- click image for more photos
-- click image for more photos

Paris (2nd set)
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