Miter saw

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TODO: Improve instructions and safety tips for using the Miter Saw.

The good[edit]

We have a miter saw. It is fast, efficient, and accurate. You could use it to make something!

The bad[edit]

  • It is extremely easy to cut your human fingers off using this saw. Don't reach in until the saw has stopped moving. It only takes 10 seconds to come to a complete stop, and a trip to the ER will take you 10 hours. Slow down. What are you rushing for, anyways?
  • It has a wood blade in it. Don't use it to cut metal.
  • There was a blade-brake that would stop the blade when the saw reached the top, but that has been flaky. Repairing it is almost certainly more trouble than it's worth.

The ugly[edit]

  • Sometimes the sawdust catcher falls off, covering the dirty shop in sawdust.
  • You should use the shop-vac to clean up after yourself, even if you only cut one thing.