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Modular Synthesis Workshop[edit]

Learn the basics of analog and modular synthesis[edit]

a semi-regular workshop We will talk about analog and modular synthesis, starting with the components of the basic subtractive synthesis signal path, oscillators, filters vca's, envelope generators and lfo's and then possibly get into more complex synthesis skills with sequencers, slope generators, clock dividers...ect..ect. We will talk about control voltage, triggers, gates, and how these are used to create simple to complex and evolving dynamic sounds.

Pictures of the modular synth rig from the fundraiser can be seen on flickr [1].

Topics of discussion[edit]

characteristics of sound and hearing

  • range of human hearing
  • pitch, timbre, amplitude

history and philosophy of modular synthesizers

Components of a typical analog subtractive synth

  • oscillator
  • filter
  • Voltage controlled amp
  • Low frequency oscillator (lfo)
  • envelope generator
  • Control voltage, and gates.

CMOS synthesizers/sequencers

Classic synthesizer designs[edit]

Tools of this workshop[edit]

  • We will be working on large Moog format style modular synthesizer.
  • Workshop will be divided into sections, a discussion followed by 1-1 time for participants with the modular to patch up your own sounds.(depending on attendance)

Future plans, optional discussions (maybe)[edit]

  • Synth Diy!!
  • basic soldering skills
  • synth module building
  • analog circuits
  • different chips and thier uses, ex. tl074 quad op-amp
  • different styles of synthesis/techniques, FM, Additive, Wavetable...
  • Midi
  • DAWS
  • Ableton Live skills

If You Would Like to Join Us[edit]

  • Next class to held on Saturday, May 25th from 12pm - 6pm in the church.
  • Next workshop TBA.
  • Email douglas at greenshoos at gmail dotcom
  • bring headphones if you got em

Reserve Your Spot[edit]

To get involved, subscribe & post to Sound-hacks or send an email to Douglas at greenshoos at gmail dotcom
Your Name Attending or Maybe Whole workshop or Just Part time
Douglas Guaranteed Whole
Your Name Attending or Maybe Whole Time or Just Part