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Note: This page is for historic purposes only. It does not apply to modern Noisebridge. | Edit

This page records pledges from people to Noisebridge for the occasion of moving to a bigger space in 2009. When adding your pledge, please note if your company makes matching donations to 501c3 (or if you think they might do so -- Google and Microsoft do, and Noisebridge is registered as a 501c3 with, which they and other companies use). The Noisebridge Secretary will be more than happy to help with any paperwork for matching donations. This page starts with pledges from the 14 July 2009 meeting - if you see your name or amount is incorrect, change it. Please add more pledges!

Total so far is:

  • $16,106.40 without doubling
  • $19,856.40 with doubling
  • 8326.40 currently collected
Name Ammount Matching Received Comment
Andy $100 double yes
Ben $1000 double yes (matching not arrived yet)
Jake $500
Jim $100
Bill $500
Billy $50 yes
Vlad $100 yes
David Stafford $1000 yes
Crutcher $500 double
Steve $150 double
David Stainton $1000
Rachel $500 yes
Mikolaj $500 double yes (match waiting on easymatch's quarterly wrapup)
Lamont $100 yes
Christie $500 yes
Jeffrey $250 yes
Joachim $100 yes
Aestetix $500 paypalled
Miah $500 See comment See:
Leif $250
Micah $100
Anonymous $500
Shannon $500
John $100 Yes
JSharp $500 Yes Received by purchase of supplies (~200 dollars in Drywall and wall materials from Lowes, ~300 dollars in drinks and snacks from Costco (Receipts avail. and other members can verify receipt))
Bill Pollock $500 Paid sometime in August 2009.
Rubin $0.40 (BART card)
David Molnar $300 yes
Martyn $500 no yes Paid 9/17
Al B $500 yes
Jonathan F $250 Paid 8/6 Jtfoote 12:22, 6 August 2009 (PDT)
Meryl P $100 yes
Praveen $1000
dpc $256 no paypal-ed
Eric $520 yes
Jonathan Moore $500
Skory $100
Liz $100
deleted $250 paypaled
Peter $1500 double yes Paid 8/13, matching will come 11/15