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  • Building address is 260 5th St, quoted space opens on Clementina. The address is fuzzy, may be 400, 410, or 420 Clementina.
  • pictures from 2009-07-22 visits
  • quoted 7500 sf, subdividable. We discussed taking 5000sf.
  • quoted $1/sf but they're willing to negotiate
  • TMG, the owner, has much property in the soma/downtown area, including the former Cal Academy of Sciences building and the Burlington Coat Factory building across 5th street from this space
  • space is on first floor, concrete plank floor with wood ceilings
  • single extant bathroom is up a flight of stairs; owner is probably willing to build a bathroom in the space
  • significant existing build-out:
    • multiple rooms with carpeted floors, one large concrete room with bare walls, plus a shop/dirty area near roll-up door
    • windows in odd places between rooms
    • server closet, with 30A outlets and installed UPS
  • quoted space has a separate entrance door and a roll-up freight door.
  • T1 installed, multiple PBX lines installed (PBXes still present I think).

Other Notes[edit]

  • .325 miles (524m) from Powell BART
  • Less food in the neighborhood than 83c; there are still options until around 11PM with a few things open until 2AM. All-night diner about .5 miles away.
  • 5th St is fairly safe at night. 6th St has a worse reputation.
  • Owner brought price down upon review of our organization. Building is owned by a large real estate conglomerate, which may be willing to donate part of the space to Noisebridge.
  • in-building fibre install, but no sign of connections offsite. (Though it may just be hiding...)
  • Roof access sounds reliable and allowable.
  • SOMA neighborhood may not jive with culture of Noisebridge.
  • Two art galleries as neighbors
  • May be a future site of demolition, should the market turn around. Owners want a demolition clause in lease ("if we demo the building you need to move"), terms not yet negotiated.
  • Old HVAC system, may result in high maintenance costs.