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Note: This page is for historic purposes only. It does not apply to the modern Noisebridge.

List of Wants and Needs as we look for a new space.[edit]

Add to these as you feel like it, and feel free to move them up and down the list; the top of the list is to be considered "most important" and the bottom of the list "least important," so if everybody moves things around we hope to come to some sort of consensus on priorities.

A more precise consensus here:

  1. 24x7 access
  2. At least 3000 square feet of floor space (would love 4ksf or more, 5ksf would be great).
  3. under $4500/mo for rent, should be <= $1/sf.
  4. bathroom (preferably private to our unit, not shared with other tenants)
    • shower is nice but not necessary.
  5. mix of office and workshop space.
  6. At least 10' ceilings, preferably a loft so that part of the space is double-height (for projection win)
  7. multiple rooms with some sound protection (for simultaneous classes and other events)
  8. own utilities (electric) with breaker box in unit
  9. roof access (for antennas primarily), near City of SF fiber for future project collaboration
  10. Kitchen
  11. < 1/4 mile from a BART station
  12. Safe neighborhood at night (i.e. 2am), or at least no worse than Wiese/16th. (Agreed, but there is nothing worse than 16th & weise!)
  13. The shed must be blue red orange mauve.
  14. Unicorns, Ponies, unicorns AND rainbows.

By comparison, our current space:

  1. 24x7 access
  2. ~1200sf, ~$1.50/sf
  3. loft with high ceiling area
  4. we've retrofitted one office as workshop
  5. we have our own utilities
  6. basically one big room, no physical separation for multiple events
  7. bathroom with shower & kitchen
  8. <1 block from BART
  9. needles in the streets

Questions for experts:

  • what are the ADA compliance responsibilities of a tenant in a multi-tenanted building, if they do/do not build it out?
  • what are the consequences of code violations?
  • would we need a permit to build non-structural walls?
  • would we need a permit to fix electrical, without changing it?