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NB10 Meeting Notes and Tasks from 2017-07-25 Preparation Meeting #2

Attendance: x, Jarrod, Naomi, Aleks, J, Henner, Steve, Lady Red

(Note to Attendees, please make corrections as needed)


There should be an "Exhibition Team" and a "Ball Team"

We've done our best to pay bands for the fundraisers in the past

The Exhibition and Ball need a theme. This is likely a nerdy underground party. Some nostalgia but also laughing at ourselves. Memories of the 'days of yore', 'The underground is still alive'

Other Hackerspaces should know about this event. We should be reaching out to other spaces. We should also get stories on what, if any, influence NB had for other people starting their spaces.

Having some people who would like to record the events and document them is desired. People to do dedicated video work.

Stickers and Shirts are discussed. What about black light stickers?

Events will need to be coordinated so that they share the space well

What will engage people to stay and see more of the exhibition?

Some classes / workshops can happen multiple times.

Task List for next two weeks[edit]

Naomi will put out a call for Theme ideas, and we will have a meeting next tuesday to discuss the theme ideas.

J to post the event to social media sites. Jarrod to provide a draft of announcement text.

Henner and Aleks will work on getting more traffic to the blog.

Jarrod to share project management documentation

Lady Red and Jarrod to contact more possible presenters.

Jarrod to layout stickers and posters

X to start contacting previous 5MoF speakers to invite back

Jarrod to send an update to Announce