NB10 Meeting 01 Bonus

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Theme is: TIME TRAVEL[edit]

Possible logo copy: 10 PRINT ""HACK"": GOTO 10 , Hack the future

Performers to contact: Dr Hal???

Possible Ball Help: Booze Table - Anthony R? , Sound Engineer - Uriah Video montage and Videographers

Ball Happenings Re-enactment , * curtain - scenes ( diaramas ) puppet show re-enactments - @malaclyps Drunk history / 10,000 years of Noisebridge / “at last your questions answered” handing out flyers during the event “Noisebridge : official looking badge” Occupy noisebridge Tardis what about poetry? Tesla Coil? @nthmost and @signal know of a Tesla Coil that is a great party trick

Exhibition Events and Workshops possibilities “the starfishes”, “Type A machines”, NoiseTor

""50 YEARS OF FIVE MINUTES OF FAME -- A CELEBRATION"" 5MoF speakers to call back: Crutcher time cube, scotty markov chain INTERNET ARCHIVE w/ brewster 5moF what about poetry? Activity Cards : stamps

Thoughts on scheduling: “one day for party related things” and “potentially another day for non-party related things” “Sunday is more chill”

Previous bands that played NB events ONE F , Sea Night , DJ’s Keybumps and Nasty

Other Theme and random ideas HELP US WE'RE TRAPPED IN A TEMPORAL DIMENSION TEN YEARS! FOUR DIMENSIONS! ""____ founded at noisebridge” “time traveler day” time travel from ten years past, thru present to ten years future +/- as in you can be in the past re-enactment (-) or future time travel (+)