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NB10 Meeting Notes and Tasks from 2017-07-25 Preparation Meeting #2

Attendance: John, Christine, Ryan S, Jarrod, Lxpk, Suyash, Lady Red

(Note to Attendees, please make corrections as needed)


We need a documented procedure that people can use to get stuff onto the Noisebridge blog. One I idea is having a form thru which people can submit text and pictures and then this can be posted to the blog. Since the blog is on tumblr, perhaps there is a way people can forward posts they make on their blogs to Noisebridge’s, or Noisebridge can repost their post when alerted. Either way, we should have a document on the wiki that helps people who feel like adding stuff to the Noisebridge blog, with doing so.

(We read through the confirmed events list and did a rough organization of what confirmed events would be good on which days)

Lxpk has volunteered to bring his band “Primerist” to perform at the ball.

Suyash has volunteered to perform a Magic show that relies on technologies such as VR and Electronics

Simbridge will be on display during the ball

We need videographers to help record, edit, and distribute recordings of the events and ball

The group agrees that there should be “Keynote” talk to open the event. While reading through the events list, it is decided that Mitch’s “The Importance of Noisebridge to the Worldwide Hackerspace Movement” talk would be a good fit for this.

Inviting more local media to the event is felt to be a good idea

Having reminders in the events, that Noisebridge is funded through donations should happen

Need to verify and document all the ways that it is possible for a person to donate to Noisebridge

The plan for the t-shirts for the event is: Round 1 - Internal round of signups and money collecting then order a batch of shirts in the requested sizes Depending on interest and available funds, we could order a stock for the event Round 2 - During and After event: Offer attendees a chance to sign up for a second batch of shirt printing Round 3 - Upload the design to a online shirt maker that people can order from as they feel like

Custom Exhibition and Ball themed “Hello My Name is” badges are desired. Having them also say “I am from the year….” is a great idea.

Presenters and Volunteers for the event will get Exhibition Badges. Design TBD

We should start planning food and refreshments, this will go on the next meeting agenda.

Task List for next two weeks[edit]

  1. Prepare and Order Stickers for the event
    1. NB logo stickers in multiple colors
    2. NB10 Time Logo stickers
      1. Christine volunteers to work on these
      2. Jarrod to share whatever source files they have
      3. Jarrod to order stickers
  2. Prepare and Print event announcement posters for display around the Bay Area
      1. Christine volunteers to work on these
      2. Jarrod to share whatever source files they have
      3. Jarrod to order posters
  3. Create process for posting to blog
      1. John has offered to work on this task.
      2. (Previously)Aleks has taken on the task of trying to get more stuff on the blog
  4. Do we need a party permit?
      1. Lxpk to verify and, if needed, research the process
  5. We need videographers to help record, edit, and distribute recordings of the events and ball
    1. We also need a place to store this data
      1. John has volunteered to be one of these. It would be good if there are multiple people in this role.
  6. Bartender
      1. (previously) Naomi had someone in mind. Jarrod to follow up
      2. Lxpk will ask Josh if he is interested
  7. Invite Media and Local institutions related to NB’s mission and audience
    1. Need to determine who to contact
    2. Promotional materials that can go out to media need to be prepared
    3. Need to clean up Exhibition and Ball documentation so that it is easy for media to understand
      1. Suyash and Ryan will take the lead on this, reaching out to who they think would be good contacts.
      2. Suyash will look over the Exhibition and Ball page on the wiki and edit / suggest edits as needed
  8. Exhibition Schedule Draft
      1. Jarrod to start a working schedule for the wiki
  9. Events followup
    1. Need to follow up with confirmed speakers
      1. What support do they need?
      2. What part of the space would they prefer and which day.
      3. We’ll have recommendations, but also will work with the presenters on this
        1. Lady Red and Jarrod to work on this
    2. Confirm more events
    3. Follow up with people who have expressed interest in having events
        1. Lady Red and Jarrod to work on this
    4. Invite more people to participate in the event
        1. This task is really for anyone
    5. Contact past 5mof speakers
        1. Danny, X, Jarrod to work on this
    6. Contact GodWaffle performers
        1. Jarrod to follow up with Grux’s suggestions
    7. Contact Stupid Hackathon Presenters
        1. Jarrod to follow up with Noah
    8. Keynote Speaker(s)
        1. Jarrod to follow up with Mitch
  10. Promote NB10 on more social media locations
    1. Fun Cheap
    2. Twitter
    3. Eventbrite
      1. J to work on this
      2. Jarrod to get J twitter access
  11. Send Announcement regarding Cleaning Day
      1. Jarrod to send out to Announce