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Projects Show and Tell[edit]

Will we have tables, and most any space in Noisebridge, setup for people to display projects they have worked on in the space over the last 9 years. Showing up with projects during the exhibition setup times is welcome, the more the merrier. Nevertheless, if you would like to let people know in advance what you are bringing and presenting, please add it below. Please also link to any other documentation for your project. If you need special accommodations or setup and logistics help for your project please note that as well.

Please use the following format

  • Project Name
    • Creator and Contact information
    • Link to documentation
    • Any special requirements


  • Angular Coffee Table
    • Jarrod
    • Part of my first Dirty Shop project at Noisebridge in 2013
  • Moldover's project (on 9-Sept -- request: about an hour or two away from Moldover's performance)
  • Puzzle Boxes (AKA Scavenger Hunt)
    • @jonathan
    • There will be several locked boxes scattered around the. Participants will use their NB hack skills (computer hacking, lock picking, circuit hacking, logic, [other?]) to open the box and get a prize. Puzzle boxes will be available through the whole weekend (or indefinitely if people like them).
    • Concepts:
      • Hack a private [capture the flag|https://github.com/jtschoonhoven/capture-the-flag] server to retrieve the password and unlock a puzzle box
      • Learn to pick a practice lock to unlock a puzzle box
      • Translate a password into binary then enter that into the box by flipping the right switches in the right order
      • Match fallacious statements to the correct logical fallacy to unscramble a password and unlock the box
      • Somehow encode a password into the final state of a Conway's Game of Life, participants are only given a picture of the initial state and have to figure out for themselves what to do with it
    • Boxes will be roughly the size of a shoebox, only need some shelf space
    • Help and ideas welcome!
      • Need advice on lock picking (it's not something I know how to do)
      • Could use some help hosting the CTF server. Current idea: just run it

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