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Volunteer Positions needed during the Exhibition and Ball[edit]

Would you like to help with the event? Do you need help with a portion of the event? Drop in volunteers before and during the Exhibition are of course welcome, but if you would like to help in a larger more specific way, Please add yourself below if you like and let others know what you can help with or what you will need help with.

Noisebridge 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Ball Volunteers[edit]

This is hardly an exhaustive list of tasks and people can do multiple things, but here are some ideas:

  • Usher: Welcoming people to the space, giving impromptu and scheduled tours, directing attendees to events, and providing information.
  • Event(s) Assistant: Setup and Takedown of preparations for Events, Performances, and workshops. Check in assistance for participants.
  • IT and A/V support: Setup for events requiring A/V and IT infrastructure. Assistance testing for and setting up for musical performances.
  • Videographer: We need videographers to help record, edit, and distribute recordings of the events and Ball.

Please use the following format

  • Name and Contact Information
    • Times available
    • I would like help with...
    • I am looking for help with...

List of Volunteers[edit]

  • X, 5IO.9OO.9626, @x
    • I'm only available until August 10th, and generally open/available Thursday's.
    • Can help with planning/promotion activities. Will also be around for the event later in the day Saturday and anytime thru Sunday.
    • Ideally will have some things to exhibit as well, and could use someone to work with me in being prepared for setup teh day of.
  • next...
  • Jarrod
    • From now to cleanup
    • Looking to help with: Planning and Logistics
    • I am looking for help with: Everything
  • Malaclyps
    • Happy to present, cat-herd, lift things up and down
  • Lxpk
    • Helping with signage and documentation materials for the vent.
    • Need volunteers who want to help staff the Simbridge VR experience.

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