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Task List for NB14 Prep[edit]

Set up RSVP Eventbrite page

Bar Setup[edit]

  • TODO: Can someone request BarBot from Technical Underground (Okay if its not functional yet, its a mascot for the bar)
  • TODO: Get drinks like the previous Noisebar list suggests

Mount led signage[edit]

We have a bunch of beautiful acrylic laser etched LED edge lit signage that is placed around the space where it needs to get hung.

We would also like to put the lighting controllers onto each one. All the parts to do it are in a big red bin in the wood shop table area.

One of the signs is the Shop sign in fact.

I already hung the bathroom sign in a jury-rigged but effective way.

Identity posters[edit]

LX working on updated signage/posters:

Mount posters we have already behind the bar.

  • be excellent original poster



  • Bathroom sign to go by door behind edge-lit and above door

Stage Todo[edit]

  • Attach podium computer/Jitsi to projector + audio
  • Run HDMI cable across pipe on ceiling from

Stage Done[edit]

  • Set up dvi lights
  • Put away boxes on stage
  • Move floating items from hackitorium

Finalize table and chairs arrangement, prioritize rolls chairs

Ngalac out front and possibly working

Food and drink orders ready

Game Area[edit]

Remove long bench from games area

LED lighting