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NB15 will be Noisebridge's big 15th anniversary. NB14 was conducted as a sort of dry run of an NB10-style 3 day weekend event to galvanize greater Event Support readiness and figure out what we can improve on to make our 15th better staffed and planned.

Lessons for NB15[edit]

  • Have all volunteer positions clearly defined and delegated well in advance with each responsible volunteer group taking ownership of their part of the event, such as:
    • Press: Invite press that have covered NB events before to participate. Prepare some good press info for them to cover.
    • Outreach: Hit up all our electronic lists. Poster nearby streets with small poster-flyers.
    • 5MoF: Solicit pre-planned talks of high quality. Get all their slides submitted in advance if possible.
    • HackComedy:
    • Music: Prepare a lineup of suitable musical performers and DJs.