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Sensebridge Meeting March 29, 2009


Eric, Skory, Mike, Peter, Matt, Rachel Denise, Bat, Ted, Nag, Nana, Nabil, Sarah, David, Mikolaj, Daniela, Mike


  • Eric - compass vibro anklet with Skory, engineer, works on sensors
  • Skory - compass vibro anklet
  • Mike - remotely operated vehicle telemetry stuff
  • Peter - here to see what people are working on
  • Matt - wants to work on "eyes on the back of the back"
  • Rachel - working on vest with distance sensors in the back - to sense through touch what is behind you. Wants more help! Progress so far: thought work, testing of motors
  • Denise - UCSC, works on device which goes on glasses and clarifies consonant noises for Deaf people
  • Bat - no tech background, botanist, visiting friends here
  • Ted - has been working on compass belt project
  • Nag - from Seattle, hangs out with PNA hackbot (?) people - also working on compass belt, wants GPS input to them - two belts, one points to house, one to mountain, so can "triangulate" location.
  • Nana - happened to be here. Did map making.
  • Nabil - she's here because we're all really cool :-). Also, likes to make her brain do cool stuff.
  • Sarah - a rocket scientist. Designs space robots for a living.
  • David - made Arduino powered breathalizer - but tells you how much more to drink for desired level :-)
  • Mikolaj - has thing which shines light in north direction. He got this group started.
  • Daniela - artist. Interactive art, with sensors, especially things which sense the invisible.
  • Mike - starting new "science & engineering huddle on Thursdays at 7pm", basic material design things, ground loop issues, etc. Design from concept to finished product.

Show & Tell[edit]

  • Choker - show your heart beat
  • Ring - show noise levels / wifi levels with lights
  • Persistence of vision fan
    • persistence of vision weed wacker
  • Demo of compass anklet
    • troubles with 2-axis magnetometer
    • signal filtering / using an accelerometer
    • maybe position just below the knee?
  • Stepper Motor battery charger, powers light, totally silent ("science of vision flashlight"), also has field power supply
  • Infrared goggles - your eyes ARE sensitive to infrared, so if you block everything else your eyes will adapt (if things are really bright in IR - need to be outside)


  • Eric will come around with group order form for sparkfun batteries later
    • orders from: Eric (assortment+charger), Skory (2+charger), Rachel (2+charger), Mikolaj (2)

Status        Product                                    Qty      Total
Item in Box    PRT-00731 Polymer Lithium Ion Batteries - 100mAh            2      $13.90
Item in Box    PRT-00726 LiPoly Charger - Single Cell 3.7-7V Input            3      $50.85
Item in Box    PRT-00339 Polymer Lithium Ion Batteries - 1100mAh            10      $107.60
Item in Box    PRT-00341 Polymer Lithium Ion Batteries - 860mAh            1      $8.95
                            Subtotal                  $181.30
                            Shipping and Handling            + $11.35
                            Grand Total:                  $192.65
Skory + Rachel owe 2*10.76+16.95+11.35/4 = $41.31
Mikolaj owe 2*10.76 + 11.35/4 = $24.36
  • could also use AAA batts - for convenient replacement

Cybernetics Meetup[edit]

  • 54 people have expressed interest on meeting.com for "cybernetics"
  • we are a subset of that, we're trying to build stuff - if you're into that, then show up. Eric will draft something and send it to meetup.

Daniela's project[edit]

Daniela has a project - zero gee. Uses "maximis B", a graphical programming language. Building a "crystal ball", which will float, and use magnetic sensors. It will go in parabolic flights. She's in a group of 20 artists all working with sensors. The crystal ball will create sculptures in software - and those sculptures will eventually be built. Recommendation: play with ferrofluid.

Eyes in the back of the back[edit]

  • Rachel plans to cut up a T-shirt
  • plans to use motors/vibrators as the display
  • 1 dimension: just a line across your back, which responds to stuff "behind" it (need narrow sensors)
  • discussion of doppler radar (pound30 sensors, a few years ago), LIDAR, ultrasonic sensors, etc.

Armature Ideas[edit]

  • Umbrellas? - google maps inside your umbrella
  • Displays inside your shoes?
    • top of foot
    • things in the holes in Crocs (there are already plastic things which pop in and out)
    • Stripper Boots - heels have lots of room for stuff!
      • goddess project has done this - minimal websurfing?!?
  • Piercing to hold electronics
  • Off the back of glasses
  • Something built into a phone to help Aspbergers with facial recognition
  • Build something into a cast?

Discussion on compass armature[edit]

  • much discussion of the proper place to wear the vibro-compass
    • corset
    • anklet
    • bracket
    • belt
  • design to be resized at least a little - then quite flexible in actual location...