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Cyborg Group Hack Notes, October 4th, 2009[edit]

Three more people bought North Paw kits at this meeting, only one stayed around to build it, and we had Nicholas back again, he made some more progress, he finished the display but didn't have time to stay around and do the final assembly step. Eric also wrote up hack notes for the pulse choker stuff he did on Friday. And we bought 4 more Uncle Milton Secret Sounds, and requested a sample of DuPont Pyralux, a flexible circuit material with a copper layer on it that we could hack into display circuits for the pulse choker and the north paw.

Arse Electronic talk by Uncle Abdul[edit]

Notes that I took:

Electrostim talk - Uncle Abdul

stimilus frequency dependent DC - perception of burning AC - perception of tingling

perception frequency dependent - greatest at 60Hz. Different frequencies give different sensations.

understanding the Three P's:

- physics
- physiology
- psychology

all electrical play involves some current through the heart


                 /                      \
              /         trust            \
   <--- fear ---------------- fascination -->

Violet wand - portable tesla coil thingie, very pretty TENS boxes - sometime for sale for as little as $30 best box ErosTech 312 $450. Can use computer to download new wave patterns. Can hook it up to audio sources, e.g MP3 player or microphone

They have $25 device which has remote control, 6 different waves, 9 power levels.

Audio frequencies, when you hook them up to a person, come out with nice sensations

Portable tesla coil kit $450.

"TENS pads" - reusable electrodes sold by an australian group

Conversation about TENS North Paw with Uncle Abdul - recommends "higher frequencies" - 100 to 200 Hz. This would be a more pleasant feeling than a tickle or shock feeling. He thinks we could do it with flat headed things as the electrodes. But, he also thinks we'd be limited to 4 directions - 2 electrodes for each direction. Ankle not sensitive enough to support more. He says we would also require a "strength" nob/dial, people vary a lot and they would need an adjustment nob to make it feel OK for them.

I bought a copy of his book, "Juice: electricity for pleasure and pain" and I put it in the sensebridge bin. He basically covers the Three P's in great detail, there are few really basic circuit diagrams, and some helpful tables and stories.