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NBC Bay Area recently recorded, edited and air'd a piece about nb, here's some behind scenes...

...BREAKING NEWS!!! BREAKING NEWS!!! we interrupt your normally scheduled programming for a story coming to us from teh east bay, aparently a house has spontanously caught fire; Ⅹ what can you tell us click here --> SPIKE BLOK+ (This had absolutely nothing to do with noisebridge or filming, it just happened to happen right now while writing this)

We now return to are already scheduled program in progress...

The finished story and video are available here (and already on the wayback machine too) https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Noisebridge-Hackerspace-in-San-Francisco-Battle-Rising-Rent-Face-Threat-of-Lease-Expiring-466883363.html


Sam about to go LIVE to the studio in Hackitorium


The interviews were actually shot with a hand held DSLR camera, this beast was used to upload footage and do the LIVE segment.


Sam furiously writing up the story in time to get on 6 o'Clock news.


Chris (face obscured for teh lulz) sniffed out the story and brought it to noisebridge, along with wrangling cameras and knocking together a final edit, without any black frames even!