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Abstract -

To use NGALAC: 1. Power it on 2. Load a game and get a feel for the controls 3. Turn on the livestream 4. Turn it off when you are done.

More specific direction on how to do this and known issues are in the sections below.

Power On/Off =[edit]


The current process of turning NGALAC on and off is to connect or disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet. Everything inside NGALAC should be setup to turn on automatically. Once power is connected the raspberri Pi should load retropi for the games and the PC should load windows and start OBS.

  • Known Issues:
    • The interior power switch might have been turned off. To access it, open the lower rear panel and look in the lower "Stage Right" corner. for the bottom of the large grey power strip. When there is power to the strip, there should be a red LED light shining

Select and Play Games[edit]


How to you select and start games????

NGALAC runs an emulator called RetroPie. To move through the menus for game and system selection use the joysticks.

LAUNCH function is mapped to the bottom YELLOW button on the player one side. BACK function is mapped to the bottom GREEN button on the player one side.

If you press the SELECT or START buttons and bring up the "Options" or "Main Menu", press the same button again to exit the menu.

While a game is running, you can get back to the System/Game selection window by pressing GAME SELECT and SELECT (on the player one side) at the same time.

  • Known Issues:
    • SNES controls are not configured currently
    • N64 games don't all work well with the emulator, and the controls are not configured currently

Current control setup[edit]


Please edit this page accordingly if you make any changes to these key mappings!

How to read:

A "dash"(-) character represents an unmapped button. P1 means player 1, P2 player 2, so on, etc...

Current Button Mappings




    select start	        select start

 p1▲          a -   	    p2▲          a -  
p1◄ ►p1     b - - -	   p2◄ ►p2     b - - -
 p1▼        -     -	    p2▼        -     -





           - start	              - start

 p1▲          b c   	    p2▲          b c  
p1◄ ►p1     a - - -	   p2◄ ►p2     a - - -
 p1▼        -     -	    p2▼        -     -





    select start	        select start

 p1▲          y x   	    p2▲          y x  
p1◄ ►p1     l b a r	   p2◄ ►p2     l b a r
 p1▼        -     -	    p2▼        -     -





            - start	              - start

 p1▲          - -   	    p2▲          - -  
p1◄ ►p1     - a - -	   p2◄ ►p2     - a - -
 p1▼        -     b?	    p2▼        -     b?


Keyboard Key Assignment



       6 2		      5 1

 r      i q   		 ▲      u z  
d g   j k w a		◄ ►   y m x c
 f    l     s		 ▼    n     v


Using Controllers


To use a controller, first ensure all buttons above all ports are in the 'off' state. It is currently difficult to tell what the 'off' state is, but it is when the button is sticking out of the panel further upon pushing it.

After all controller ports are off, plug in your controllers and turn on the ones you want in the order you want them assigned to players. So, the first one turned on should be "player 1". The second one turned on should be "player 2", etc..

You may notice the Sega Genesis ports have just 1 activation button between them. This button, when turned on, will enumerate the next two players for those ports. Pretty sure the left one will be enumerated first, then the right.


"showkey -a" will let you see ascii keycodes for use with N64 control mapping

Livestreaming and OBS[edit]


OBS Studio ( ) is used to collect all of the sources from NGALAC and send them to Twitch/Youtube. When NGALAC starts you should see the screensaver that plays when NGALAC is not streaming on the upper screen. If this is the case you should only need to press the green "Push to Stream" [Livestream] button on the NGALAC console


Once you push the Livestream button the stream will connect and you will see the OBS broadcast profile showing what people watching the stream will see. Also the "On Air" lights will flash and turn on solid. It takes about 7 seconds for the live stream to start on twitch. The livestream will be at

There are cameras installed to show you, the player(s), and the control panel. There is also a microphone above the Livestream button.

To stop the stream, push the livestream button again. The screensaver should turn back on and the "On Air" signs will turn off.

Please remember to push the livestream button to end the stream when you are done streaming

  • Known Issues:
    • You will only see the chat from twitch.
    • The chat doesn't always work, sometimes closing and reopening OBS fixes this, but this stops the live stream button from working. If you need to restart OBS use the keyboard and mouse to control the PC under the joystick panel. You may need to click the mouse and then press escape to get OBS out of full screen mode. Then in OBS click stop stream and then exit.
    • You have access to the OBS settings, but please don't change anything. We've tested everything pretty well so please leave things as is. If you want to help improve things, please connect with the NGALAC team; ask around. However, you may want/need to switch OBS to full screen mode. There is a keyboard and mouse to control the PC under the joystick panel.

    • Ngalac-OBS-windowed.JPG
      OBS is set to start up full screen but this often doesn't work, sometimes you'll end up with OBS in windowed mode with a command window in front of it (the command window is a by product of the script running the live stream button).
      • To switch OBS back to full screen Right Click in the empty grey area next to the preview of the broadcast scene and choose "Fullscreen Projector (Preview) > Display 0:1920x1060 @ 0 0. This will switch OBS back to full screen mode. It is much easier to read the chat and seen the camera views in this mode.

    • Ngalac-OBS-DevProd.JPG
      OBS should be set to use PRODUCTION as a default. We use two twitch accounts for our streaming and for testing. You can switch between the two in OBS using the "Profile" menu. DEVELOPMENT streams to and PRODUCTION streams to and also youtube. The account has the most followers and is the one we promote, so please us that one if you want to share your gaming with our followers.