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Noisebridge Unveils NGALAC
The live-streamable retro games arcade cabinet debuts at Makerfaire 2018

SAN MATEO, May 18, 2018 - On May 18th-20th, the makerspace Noisebridge will be showcasing #NGALAC, the Noisebridge Gaming Archivists Live Arcade Cabinet, at Makerfaire at the San Mateo event center and fairgrounds. It is a livestream-ready retro games machine on which attendees of Makerfaire will get a chance to practice their games broadcasting skills and help raise money for nonprofit makerspaces.

Attendees of Makerfaire will be given a set of helpful streaming tips and a short amount of time to showcase their gaming skills (or lack of!) to the world. A curated selection of retro games will be on hand for the player to choose from, and from there it is up to them to play, engage the audience and interact with the online chat! Special guest streamers will join in the fun over the course of the weekend to help with tips for the amateurs and aspiring new streamers amongst the crowd, as well as showcase their own endeavors and game-playing abilities.

"It's the world's first (to our knowledge) crowd-sourced livestream fundraiser. I'm super excited to see how regular people like you and me take to their newfound ability to broadcast their gameplay!"    -Mark Willson, project co-lead

"I'm so proud of this technological terror we've created."    -Jarrod Hicks, project co-lead

NGALAC runs custom software and hardware that automates a lot of the process of setting up a gameplay stream, and provides users an opportunity to try streaming when they perhaps wouldn’t otherwise be able to craft their own setup at home. It currently houses four retro systems, but is designed to be easily modified so other gaming hardware can be emulated and anyone can contribute to it.

You can watch the inaugural stream live this weekend at or come to the San Mateo event center to play on the machine.

NOISEBRIDGE is a non-profit makerspace and educational organization with physical premises in San Francisco's Mission District. Anyone is welcome to come and work on projects and be a part of the community during open hours 11am-10pm everyday. More info can be found at


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