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Nerdcore rapper, craft mogul, game designer, and yoyo genius Doctor Popular recently made his iPhone DJ debute at fivepoints arthouse in San Francisco. Now he has graciously offered to let us in on some of his mysterious ways. He will be demoing Nanoloop for iPhone and teaching the basics of creating electronic music using this great little tool.


Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 7pm Actual Time

Whatever classroom is available, Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St


Doc describes Nanoloop thusly:

Nanoloop is a sound editor and sequencer for mobile devices. Originally created in 1998 for use with the original Gameboy units, the developer has recently released Nanoloop for iPhone (and all other iPhone OS devices). NLiP builds on Nanoloop's minimal interface, but adds sampling (from line in or mic in), touch based shortcuts, and the ability to import/export tracks via email.

For anyone looking to get in to easy and portable loop based music creation, Nanoloop is an awesome tool to have. Though the iPhone version doesn't really sound like it's "chiptune" Gameboy counterpart, the portability and ease of sharing make this app even better than the original. Plus $3 on iTunes sure beats $74 for a Gameboy cart.


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