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Getting Stallion2 up and running
[===>_________________] 35% Complete

New Network?[edit]

On 2013-10-03, the network went down. We spent 2 hours of troubleshooting the equipment, before we managed to get a patch going from the MonkeyBrains antennae to the WiFi. As of 17:02 2013-10-03, there is a lame D-Link router in between.

With the patch in place, and the WiFi being up regardless of whether or not any of the switches are online, I proposed we redo ALL the network infrastructure. Here's how I plan to do it.


Simply put, I want there to be 3 internal networks.

* Stallion/Minotaur
* Computer Terminals for Laser Cutter/3D Printers
* User Network

Network Information[edit]


This network will be what it says it's for. On this network, all essential equipment will be on this network.

Computer Terminals for Laser Cutter/3D Printers[edit]

All the dedicated terminals will be on this network, and possibly the classrooms

User Network[edit]

The user network will be anyone that connects to the WiFi, or plugs into the Ethernet. The user network will be locked down, throttled, and filtered. hahahahahaha no Maybe not filtered or locked down, but throttled.

Steps/ToDo List[edit]

Y) Locate antennae connection
  Y) Go up on the roof
  Y) Find the antennae
  Y) Follow the cord down into the space
  Y) Locate it's connection to the switch
Y) Create temporary patch independent of switches for WiFi
  Y) Disconnect WiFI from switch
  Y) Disconnect Antennae from switch
  Y) Install a temporary firewall in front of the Antennae
  Y) Patch the Antennae through to the WiFi
  Y) Connect a LAN Port from the firewall to the switch(To keep Ethernet lines live)
=) Equip Stallion2
  =) Add Network Interfaces
  Y) Add to server rack
*) Configure Stallion2
  Y) Root it/Reimage
  *) Install/Configure
    *) DHCP
    *) DNS
    *) IP router
    *) Bandwidth throttler
    *) IPtables
    *) Squid3(?)
*) Disconnect all networking except for patch
    *) Down with the switches!(As in turning them off, not tossing them out)
*) Migrate all equipment to a single rack
    *) Either the one up top, or the one Pony is on
*) Install a switch for ISP(s)
    *) Find a suitable switch
    *) Plug our ISP(s) into it
    *) Plug into Stallion2
*) Organize all Ethernet cables
    *) Sort by where they are going to
    *) Ziptie groups together
    *) Label
*) Plug everything in
    *) Connect all the Ethernet cables
*) Deploy Stallion2
    *) Press the power button
*) TaDa!
    *) Enjoy new and improved internet!