New space meeting 2017 11 18

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Recap of last week's action items[edit]

  • We've visited DBI and have a clear path to resolving our Notice of Violation with them, and in doing so help resolve our Notice of Enforcement.
  • We've put together architectural diagrams and found a licensed architect to sign off on them when we submit to city.

DBI and Planning Department notices[edit]

  • Code enforment fines start after your hearing. During the hearing you can make the case that you are working on the issues. We aren't in danger of fines as long as we can show that we are working toward a resolution, which we are. We will submit an application to DBI that labels us as F1, and alongside this submit a Statement of Operations which describes us, how we run the space, how the space is *not* public and is a members space. Once we have the permit appliction we will provide this to the planning department and contest the public use determination. It is likely that this is going to suffice to solve the planning department complaint.

Review of the spreadsheet[edit]

Review of the spreadsheet ( of spaces, we talked at length in particular about the following spaces:

  • 20 Heron
  • 1298 Shotwell

Goals for next meeting[edit]

  • Researching our fundraising options for the near term. In particular things like the city's non-profit matching grants, other grants that might be open to us, talk to other organizations about raising larger amounts of money and what legal and financial infrastructure we need to do so.

Next meeting[edit]

December 2nd at 6pm.