New space meeting 2018 02 27

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Meeting Notes 2018 02 27[edit]

Riseup pad:

In Attendence[edit]

  • Kevin
  • Kevin'
  • Kevin
  • Jade


  • Discussion of potential spaces
  • Communication
  • Letter of Intent

The Next Meeting is: March 7, 2018, 19:00

Potential Spaces[edit]

The Port in Oakland:[edit]

4 buildings in Oakland. Kevin suggests we are a good fit for the Kaiser Center location (3 floor building, open culture) Part private space to lease for Noisebridge (~1000 sqft), part shared communityspace with other tenants NB private space would directly connect to an existing maker area Event programming can be scheduled in other designated spaces throughout the building

1144 Howard[edit]

Action is needed on this property. We really like it and believe it to be a unicorn space. See Kevin's deck to be presented at the larger community meeting for more detail on this and other spaces that we are looking at.

Regular updates to the Noisebridge-Discuss list[edit]

New space should send regular updates to the discuss list to encourage and facilitate broader participation Kevin suggests that we gather weekly in-person at Noisebridge and send notes tothe discuss list -- Slark tldr is challenging

Draft Letter of Intent Template[edit]

Kevin' will create a template that can be used for N properties with small modifications until we have secured a space