New space meeting 2018 03 06

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for new space related notes and information

Meeting Notes 2018 03 06[edit]

Riseup pad:

In Attendence[edit]

  • Kevin′
  • Jarrod


  • Messaging & fundraising
  • Lease space search update
  • Co-tenancy update
  • Accessibility requirements
  • Current consensus proposal
  • Letter of Intent

The Next Meeting is: March 13, 2018 at 19:00

Accessibility requirements[edit]

  • Accessible enterance that includes an elevator if required
  • One restroom that meets ADA requirements
  • Many details are building specific and will require on-site evaluation
  • This is a draft and requires more feedback

Leasing and build-out considerations[edit]

  • Given a lease, we must consider how much we are going to invest into the building infrastructure
  • Longer term lease will be worth more effort in the build-out
  • We should keep in mind our move-in, buildout, consensus, and costs
  • We'll need all new stickers

Lease search update[edit]

  • Kevin′ is touring 1504 Bryant on Wednesday, March 7th at 16:30

Messaging and Fundraising[edit]

Letter of Intent[edit]

  • The current consensus proposal authorizes Board Officers to enter into lease negotiations. A Board Officer ought to sign-off on (and perhaps sign!) a Letter of Intent prior to submission.