New space meeting 2018 04 03

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Meeting agenda for 2018-04-03

Meeting #11


  • Ryan
  • Ruth
  • James
  • Keivn
  • Lisa
  • Andrian
  • Pavel
  • Alex
  • Chris
  • Natalie
  • Mark
  • Carl
  • Nichole
  • Tiffancy
  • Bernice
  • Kevin
  • Mark

Working group updates[edit]


Compiling spreadsheet of spaces:

  • Size, cost, viewed status, lease term, zoning, contact information, accessability
  • Properties to highlight
    • 351 9th Street Suite 102 - 5000sqft opens onto the street, technically retail, broker thinks we'll fit, $20/sqft/yr
      • Will visit space tomorrow, find out about other vacancies there
    • 1144 Howard Street, 9000sqft, $20/sqft/yr, needs cotenant, 5yr lease, elevator, rollup door
    • 650 Mississippi, far from BART, affordable
  • Very few affordable properties on the market. majority of our target spaces cost $30-50/sqft/yr

mister_name has another spreadsheet that has more information and a plot of distance from BART and price per month

Very Large Money Bag[edit]

  • Compiling list of supporters, good progress, very encouraging

Make it Raining[edit]

  • Up to $1,000+ monthy recurring donations on Patreaon
  • Nice header photo on Patreon
  • Does this include
    • Yes, that's okay
  • Move donate dot to Patreon?
    • That's a different question
  • PayPal drops recurring donations randomly
  • New recurring donations through Patreon are good. Make the number go up and drive yet more donations.
  • Downside to Patreon is higher processing fee (5% on Patreon vs 1.5-2% on
  • Will be scheduling workshops/classes to bring new folks up to speed on Make it Raining efforts
  • Will be a vending machine in SimBridge that *could* accept real money - could put virtual goods in the virtual vending machine that accepts virtual currency for NB


  • Post picutres of classes on wiki too
  • Also lots of pictures searchable by Google Images
  • Many new photos of NGALAC on the way
  • Get in touch with Ruth on Slack to contribute new photos


  • Getting close
  • Demo first prototype of active interactive soldering class on Saturday at party
  • Post on Patreon about this?
    • Yes, once we have something to show on Patreon
  • Social media message on #MAPP for getting people to come out

S|K Engagement[edit]

  • Contact Lady Red
  • Up for consensus tonight - $4k spend for discovery

Partnership Updates[edit]

  • Might possibly soon get material asset donations
  • Meeting w/ SFMADE - offering 20m realestate counceling session, free, hoping for leads on space


  • Alex to get in touch with Augur on grant writer extrodinaire

Co-Tenant Updates[edit]

  • Mark in contact w/ Refereum - potentially interested
  • Natalie works w/ Kids Camp, going to have multiple, very intersted in sub-leasing for summers, could extend into the school year
    • What kind of camp? STEM, kits, science, hacking, spy things for kids
    • Interested in season co-tenants? Ideally full-time, but nothing set in stone.
  • Ruth in touch with StarFish, might be looking for a space in the Summer, company that does crypto stuff


  • Mark met a guy from Twitch, will work together to promote NB Twitch stream

2169 Update[edit]

  • Trent, Patrick and John chatted with Bryan today
  • Bryan spoke w/ parents and may renew the lease for the right price
  • 1yr w/ LL option to renew
  • NB takes on costs for elevator repair, spend $30k last year for elevator repair
    • What about 2nd floor tenants? They use the elevator too.
  • Aware that NB is driving traffic to the space and confident that we've resolved issues with the city
  • See value in having a high-profile tenant, willing to lean into the process with us
  • On us to come back with an offer
  • Aware that we're willing to do repairs and labor around the space at a below market rate, could be some exchange of labor for rent
  • Not too warm, not too cold
  • NB needs to come back with a fair number
  • What can we afford? They're asking around $8,000 per month
  • Bryan to send elevator expense history
  • Offers and negotiations are non-binding sans consensus from NB point of view
  • Need help running numbers
  • ~65%ish confidence level that we may be able to stay for the next year.