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Meeting agenda for 2018-04-24

Working group updates[edit]

Spacewalkers (buildings assessment for lease & purchase)[edit]

  • Augur: call from Jason James @ 420 Herron, had been in disco about lease, but fell through. Leasable area 18.5k sqft @ $1.50/sqft, price and leasable area have come down since we spoke last. Only slightly outside our budget if we get cotenants.
  • Patrick: What are the layout differences?
  • Augur: Got rid of the Verizon thing on the top. Somewhat unclear. Possibly 1/2 of the first floor is extended.
  • Patrick: Don't have to take on the existing tenants as well?
  • Augur: Possibly. I think the thing on the top is gone, and we get the thing on the bottom.
  • Lizzie: (Speculation) maybe the had an inspector see the thing on the top possibly, and it's too dodgey to rent out?
  • Augur: Space on top requires stepping over the bulkhead walls to move around. No elevator to the top.
  • Patrick: Would we need to do plumbing work?
  • Lizzie: Not plumbing work, but possibly ADA update one of the doors to a bathroom.
  • Patrick: One thing to figure out of this: What is the load-capacity of the space? Depends on the classification of the space. Could use a rough approx. here.

Very Large Money Bag (fundraising - large, one-time donations)[edit]

  • Jeremey: someone starting a maker space in New York who wants to connect NB w/ wealth donars was invited to Slack. Perhaps Victoria should get in contact with this person.
  • Lizzie: Friend of a friend who wants to donate lots of money to NB. Perhaps Victoria should get in contact with this person.
  • Kevin: Does anyone else wants to bottom line this WG w/ Victory?
  • Lizzie: Let's reminde folks in advance of the meeting to provide updates if they cannot attend.
  • Kevin: I'll take that on, but others can doacratically poke Victoria (VLMB-WG), Naomi (MIR-WR), Augur (SW-WG), 2169 Negotiations (Patrick or Trent)
  • Jade: I'm adding reminders to Slack to poke the above people.
  • Patrick: Pick a nice time of day. e.x. during work hours.
  • Jade: Will do noon on Monday!

Make it raining (fundraising - small, recurring donations)[edit]

  • Patrick: Patreon growing and does not appeaer to be cannabalizing donate dot donations. Up to $1.5k/mo. Seems successful, possibly lean into more. Do we know people who run successful Patreons?
  • Lizzie: I think Victoria does.
  • Augur: Wicked Grounds. Had a special situation for how it became successful.
  • Patrick: Hybrid between Border Lands model and Patron model? Concrete participation based on Patreon support? What's a sustainable thing that we could do that makes doners feel good?
  • Lizzie: Border Lands does not have a Patreon.
  • Patrick: Border Lands does events for members, create incentives to become a member (recurring fincial support).
  • Lizzie: WiFi for members only @ Border Lands.
  • Patrick: Small gestures, like stickers. Smaller == more successful.
  • Lizzie: Box full of patches.
  • Patrick: Run of stickers on StickerMuel is pretty cheap.

Media (videography/photography/copy/messaging)[edit]

  • Kevin: Noisebridge Makerfaire needs handouts (tri-folds, quater sheets, etc.)
  • Augur: Video uploader is 100% coming online tonight!

Negotiations (2169 & LOIs)[edit]

  • Patrick: Sent a proposal, terms offered $6.5k/mo, secure gate, cleaning grafittie, pest control. lease holder covers $10k/yr of elevator repairs plus cost sharing (deduct 50% from rent) beyond $10k and non-elevator maintenance. Brian asks if non-elevator repair is cost sharing? We'll strike non-elevator maintenance cost-sharing. Brian will relay the negotiations to his parents. Hoped to button this up in early May.
  • Lizzie: If we have the goahead from the LL, we can do more maintenance ourselves.
  • Patrick: Could install access control on the elevator to reduce incidence of abuse of the elevator (e.g. hording stolen goods in the basement).
  • Jeremey: Can we renew?
  • Patrick: Yes, but need to find a middle ground. This is the LL's retirement and managed pro-bono by Brian.
  • Jeremey: What's the motive?
  • Patrick: Compared to Oh-Happy-Day we pay less today. Their optimizing [redacted]. LL's have option to elect into a lease renewal after 1y. Good middleground. If at the end of the year we can show progress, pretty sure they'll elect to renew.

Cotenant update[edit]


    Hello All,
    Thanks so much for connecting with us and providing clarity on rental costs. Below are SpyCamp & SpyKids needs and abilities to contribute.  Please feel free to reach out if I can help with your exploration in any way.

    Should we set up a time to meet and connect on our mutual needs - perhaps the last week in May?
    Sarah Cooper
    owner, SpyCamp & SpyKids


    1. classroom of approx. 25 x 25 = 625 sq ft
    2. smaller workroom of approx 15 x 15 = 225 sq. ft

    total sq footage = 850
    total annual cost = $20,400

    Yes, we are looking for an exclusive space, because
    1. we need to set it up to be brand-appropriate and to meet the commitments we make to SpyCamp families for safety
    2. we have a lot of our own gear, supplies, equipment and furnishings…that even we find difficult to track and store!  (So it would be impossible to share these elements outside of SpyKids, except in planned shared labs, events, etc….which we would welcome)

    Additionally, we'd be happy to explore sharing & investing in larger labs and workspaces, in addition to the above.
    We'd also like to "rent" a shared event space for our annual Halloween and Drone fundraising parties and possibly a Youth STEM Innovation Fair, if you are considering this.

    An SF location suitable for Kids aged as young as 8 and accessible by most SF residents for family convenience.  (I understand BART proximity is a priority for you, which is great for us as well)

    OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS - partnering on School Innovation Labs
    As a parent to a new High Schooler, I've come in contact with several SF independent schools who need iLabs (like International HS) or need additional resources to augment their iLabs (all of them!).
    All of the local High Schools are pouring resources into their Innovation Labs to be competitive, but they are space constrained.  International High School (in Hayes Valley) used to bring students to TechLabs and now needs another partner.

    I'd be interested in reaching out to them to explore their needs. I'm motivated to help the SF HS community as well as find additional dependable partners for NoiseBridge.

    1. does this include water & power & waste collection? if not, what would be your guestimate on our contribution to the building utilities?
    2. does this include insurance? If not, we would probably extend our own insurance to this location.
    3. are you planning to have a regular buildling janitorial service? (does NoiseBridge do that now?)

S|K update[edit]

  • Lizzie: They joined our Slack
  • Kevin: Working out dates when the discovery will occur in SF. Needs committment on times to have specific discovery meetings.
  • <insert new updates here>