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Meeting agenda for 2018-05-01

Negotiations (2169 & LOIs)[edit]

Great news! Our landlord tentatively approved lease terms for a short-term extension! Still need to draw up and sign a lease. $6,500 per month in rent, and we’ll take responsibility for up to $10,000 per year in elevator maintenance and repair costs, with cost-sharing after that. This satisfies their big concern, which is that they thought we were breaking their elevator. It also gives us more control in making sure the elevator is always working. This would be a one-year extension until end of August 2019, with a landlord option to extend it for an additional year after that.

  • Victoria: Main outstanding concern is the hearing at the planning commission?
  • Nate: What can we do to make sure the hearing is sublime?
  • Victoria: Would be cool for people to show-up. Should go smoothly either way.
  • Kevin: We also opted to pay the impact fee which should facilitate the hearing process.
  • Nate: Looking for information about the hearing on the   wiki, not there. Where can I find information online?
  • Beka: #inspection
  • Victoria: That's for building, not planning, but they are related.

Working group updates[edit]

Spacewalkers (buildings assessment for lease & purchase)[edit]

  • Beka: Nothing changed, no new need to do spacewalks, no one has found places to look at.

Very Large Money Bag (fundraising - large, one-time donations)[edit][edit]

  • Andy: @diopte on #new-space. Started asking larger donars. Some kind of look like they are saying yes. Could be $5-10k/mo. Plan to go to start-ups, hit them up for their advertising budget. I'm going to have to start negotiating around expectations. Protect our brand, interface between capitalists and anarchists.
  • Victoria: Any idea what they'd want in return?
  • Andy: Making a RaspPi version of Alexa. Popular in Europe, want coverage in SF. It's a kit, called Providing privacy.
  • Nate: In line with the tech that we have in the space. Take cool media of it happening. "hey 3d printer, print me a pokeball!".
  • Victoria: Can I sit in on one of these meetings?
  • Andy: Mitch was in the last meeting. We could make a user group at NB. I could run it. Wanted to be engaged w/ the folks from infosec. Talked to Lee about this as well. Reason for this talk is to discuss the general way to engage in the capitalist economy.
  • Victoria: We've discussed this before. Don't want to shoot it down. The idea is feasible. Interested in meeting w/ Generally, NB does not like to sell itself. Meet w/ them and negotiate a sponsorship deal and come back to the community for consensus.
  • Andy: Looking for constraints on the negotiation. Just verbal right now.
  • Victoria: Curious to know what they want/need?
  • Andy: They want exposure in SF, intro to maker space/security communities
  • Nate: I make a box for experience design that might be interesting to them. All RaspPi based.
  • Andy: It's all opensource.
  • Nate: Not too hard to make a box that says snips and does stuff. Show them we have a snips box in the space. They may find this valuable.
  • Andy: Anything we don't want to do?
  • Victoria: Don't want to give up control. I'd like to talk to you off-line.

Cory Doctorow[edit]

  • Victoria: Asked for $100k, got lots of super cool goodies to auction off. Brought samples to NB tonight Autographed audiobook, multitool, paperback version of Walkaway, giant boxed version of Little Brother, With a Little Help (only ~230 ever made, w/ pieces of the manuscript glued inside).

Next Steps[edit]

  • Victoria: Will be getting in touch with Brewster Kale next.
  • Victoria: If you know people w/ more money than god, get me in touch with them.
  • Victoria: Looking for a volunteer to stand-up a SugarCRM instance.
  • Jeremy: I can make that happen later this week.
  • Victoria: Payment in beers to follow.

Make it raining (fundraising - small, recurring donations)[edit]

  • Jeremey: Patreon is at $1,538/mo.
  • Beka: Pinged John for the monthly revenue figures, waiting for a response

Media (videography/photography/copy/messaging)[edit]

  • Kevin: Working on messaging for announcing the lease renewal
  • Nate: What's the tone?
  • Victoria: Assuming all goes well, we could say "Hey, we have a year long lease extension, and that's the line. In that year we need to ramp up donations. We could say our rent has gone up a little bit. Going to launch a year long campaign to buy a building"
  • Nate: Cool, it's setting our intention.
  • Victoria: Long as we all agree on having a pot of money together.. say $900k is psyc. the best.
  • Patrick: Shouldn't mention the year extension in any public announcement.
  • Victoria: Can still set a goal to have $900k in the bank next year.

Cotenant update[edit]

S|K update[edit]

  • Jeremy: They'll be here tomorrow at 8pm to have a general meeting as a part of their fundraising plan discovery. All are welcome to come give input.
  • Kevin: We can focus S|K on long-term plan to raise funds to purchase property in SF.

Fund-raising Party[edit]

  • Victory: Thinking of hosting a party in Nov. to raise funds. Who's interested in helping?
  • Victory: Theme? Goth hacker prom?
  • Kevin: There's also the 1000 mind readers event on June 30th.
  • Andy: Good collaboration opportunities w/ people and stuff in the space
  • Kevin: Absolutely
  • Andy: Outside of NB, putting together parties w/ different kinds of economic models (e.g. mutual aid party, dictator party, etc.). Could host one of these at NB.