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Hi Everyone, passing along some news for anyone who hasn't seen it.

News[edit | edit source]

  • Therapy for Job-hunters

Bernice started a white-boarding / interview prep meet-up on Wednesdays from 3p to 7p, and it's a huge success! I've personally attended it and found it very helpful. People pair-off and take turns interviewing each other. James helped set up the group last week, as it was their first meeting that was (almost) self-directed. Carl joined, had a great time, and I personally heard him doling out some great advice. The attendance keeps growing. There were 4 people the first meeting, and last week there were nearly 20. The meetup will expand to Saturdays as well. This model of self-directed meet-ups has worked in the past, and studying this one to see why it was a success will help create more. This is great for everyone in the community, great job Bernice!

  • Food!

John has been introducing more and more food to the space which is being met with resounding acclaim. It is contributing to a culture of abundance rather than scarcity and has yielded some unexpected and positive results. The program is new and needs support to find the best sustainable course, so please donate extra when you can. Your extra donation goes to Noise-bridge of course, but also provides food safety to those in need.


Ok, I put this down here because i didn't want to brag, but now I'm going to. The Noise-bridge Gaming Archivists group put together a beautiful retro gaming arcade cabinet with built in streaming capabilities, NGALAC. This won an Editor's Choice award at Maker Faire, and, as of today, is featured on Adam Savage's web series "Tested"! We hope to use the reach provided by this boost to gather more interest and participation at Noise-bridge. And also have serious Street Fighter tournaments. Stream subscribers are already experiencing a bump. Come by and play, though we'll be fixing a few bugs and making a few enhancements. I had a great time working with this team and I hope they feel the same about me. It was done in only 3 months! Massive shout-out to Jarrod for getting the build done, it was a tremendous amount of work. Too many names to list here, especially many Last Minute Heroes who stepped in to finish critical tasks. This was Mark's brain-child and is a rousing success and will be a lasting donation to Noise-bridge.

  • Space Changes

Nicole and James spent today creating a wall out of the biotech shelves in order to make space for the sound hackery area. A pile of equipment that NB can't use is being sent to a space that can utilize it better, as NB doesn't have enabling equipment, like a refrigerator. The plan is to create a space where the gaming, VR, and sound communities can work together easily.

Volunteer Opportunities for Upcoming Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Noise-bridge Credential Management
    • Tentatively weekend of June 1
    • aggregate social media access into a single credential management API
    • modernize the social media infrastructure, including centralizing meet-up management
  • Clean!
    • Clean NB with a bunch of other people, be seen, be heard, meet people in real life, drink a mate.
    • no set date yet, stay tuned
    • This is great way for new people to meet some regulars and Members, maybe get your 30d Token. Show up! Help out!
  • Trello Ticket system
    • People notice things around the space that need fixing. Submit a ticket on Trello!
    • Centralizing fixes in a ticket system let people find ways they can spend their time helping NB.
    • please request editing permissions from me to post! In the short run, will keep it on an approval basis. Anyone can look at the board, pick a task, and Do-ocratically finish it.

Meet-ups[edit | edit source]

Thanks, Matt