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Hi there!

The wiki has been updated with the results of fantastic work on creating solder masks with the Laser cutter.  Please see his page on Surface Mount Assembly for more information.  This goes through steps to increase NB's capacity for bulk PCB production.  Other Noisebridgers are working to get the Pick and Place up and running once more.

James Sundquist led creating NAW, Noise Audio Workstation in the back of the space by Church. He secured a number of donations to make it happen, and every Sunday at 1pm for the next few months Cain is teaching an Ableton 101 class using donated licenses.  Check the event and meetup pages for details.
Jun 03 class meet-up for Ableton 101:
Jun 10 meet-up for audioChurch Potluck: Share you audiovisual project, software, hardware, instrument, or pre-recorded music with others! Co-organized by James and Tonzi.

June 24th, Eddie Adams will host her new class for Women in Electronic Music.
See her meetup event for more details.  James is co-organizing.

Douglas and Sturgess is holding free casting workshops the first Friday of every month.  The first is   Today, Jun 1, and is covering "Introduction to the Materials of Molding and Casting" from 6p to 9p.  The classes are being held at Douglas and Sturgess San Francisco location.  Right now there's no info on the website, but I found out in-store and have a flyer.  I'll email them to see if they can update their site.  It's "after-hours" which may be confusing.
730 Bryant st.

New bins!
New trash (black), recycling(blue) and new compost(green) bins were purchased for the space.  This will make sorting waste easier.  A great way to contribute is to pick stuff up you see hanging around and placing it the the appropriate bin.

A generous person has donated a tile cutter for the Dirty Shop!

This Saturday is MAPP, Mission Arts Performance Project.  Noisebridge is hosting Lighting Talks:

Noisebridge Hackerspace
2169 Mission 3rd floor, between 18th and 17th
Curators: James Sundquist & Nicole Gaard
1:00-4:00pm 5 minute Lightning Talks
4:00-6:00pm Noisebridge Social
4:00-6:00pm StoryCorp (open mic)
Artwork by Shamanic Labs

Volunteers are needed, to tend bar specifically.  Please get in touch on slack or by responding to this email if you can help out.

Fundraising, as always, continues.  Lady Red made a tremendous effort to complete an application starting yesterday and finishing last night to meet the deadline.  Grants are being sought, and NB is looking for grant writers, copy editors, and assistance to find appropriate funding.  Help if you can!  There's also been at update to the donation projects page where donations can be earmarked for specific projects:

This Saturday NB is hosting a social media tool hackathon at Noisebridge, at maybe let's say 7pm. There will be pizza. We're going to hack on stuff specifically for Noisebridge social media, integrations with Slack, Facebook, YouTube, maybe Tumblr or whatever. Basically the idea is to doocratize social media content.

John continues excellent work on NB's behalf, filling out tedious forms, keeping finances in order, and somehow finding time to clean the space.  Thanks John your hard work is appreciated.


I met the UPS delivery person at the door the other day.  He told me that Bob Ross was a drill sergeant in the Air Force!