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Keeping the space clean is hard to do, because it is unclear whether or not something is currently being worked on or has been abandoned. The "No Disassemble Protocol" provides an outline of how to mark your things as a project that should not be thrown out, hacked on by others, or moved around.


This is a "No Disassemble" (NoDis) tag:


To mark an object or some objects of a project as currently being worked on and not to be thrown out or moved too far, fill out a NoDis tag and tape it to the project.

  • The owner is the name/handle of the person who is responsible for this project.
  • The contact info should be an email address, or some way of getting in touch with the owner.
  • The date is the day the NoDis tag was filled out.
  • The expiration date is when it will be okay to toss/move the project.
  • The note field is for anything the owner wants to write on it.


  1. The stack of NoDis tags will be freely available at the front desk station. You can also write up your own tag if needed (just make sure it says "No Dis" and has all the fields on it.)
  2. Dates should have the year, month, and day on it.
  3. It's considered good etiquette that if you have to move a NoDis project, don't move it too far and move it back after you are done using the space it was at. If you the owner are done working on it, move it to your member shelf or off somewhere where it will be out of the way.
  4. If you see a NoDis tag on someone's project and the tag doesn't have the current date, write the current date on it. Having this timestamp is important to keep abandoned stuff from hanging around the space indefinitely.
  5. Don't keep NoDis projects on the common tables in the middle of the space's front area if you are not working on them. They'll be moved off to the side.
  6. If expiration is blank, it defaults to one week from the date. To keep projects from having indefinite expirations, max expiration for long term projects is two months from the date. (After that, get a new NoDis tag.)
  7. If a project is expired or untagged, it is fair game to move it off to the side. Contact the owner and give them a few days to update the tag, put it on their member shelf or take the project home. Don't just toss out someone's project because the NoDis tag is expired. Err on the side of caution. The point of NoDis tags is to prevent junk or abandoned projects from accumulating in the space.
  8. Don't use Noisebridge stickers to attach the NoDis tags. They aren't expensive, but they aren't free either. There should be tape at the front desk station.

Print out a sheet of NoDis tags: File:Nodis-tag.pdf

Print out NoDis information poster: File:Nodis-info-poster.pdf

Transition Period[edit]

To give people time to learn about the NoDis protocol, it won't be enforced for a while. Ideally it'd be good to start sometime in January 2014.